Let’s Talk Turkey…

Thanksgiving is by far one of the best Holidays for families to reunite. It was always a favorite with our family. Since the family has grown so large with kids, grandkids, great-grandkids & in-laws and many moved out-of-state, it became harder for all of us to get together. Finally, three years ago we all decided to celebrate our … Continue Reading »

An “Oldie” but a “Goodie”!

The following is probably the quickest yummiest candy recipe I have ever tasted!  You need to buy the tiny twisted pretzels and a bag of Rolo’s and a bag of Pecans – The amount is up to you – make 20 or 2000. Preheat oven to 350. While your oven is heating put the Pretzels on a baking sheet & top … Continue Reading »


Wondering what to do with all that Halloween candy? Why not donate all those sweets to our men & women overseas. Many dentists are buying the candy from their patients for $1.00 per pound & donating it to Operation Gratitude. Brighten up the day of one of our heroes by including a card. For those … Continue Reading »

Chicago, who thought!

Being located in the Chicago suburb of Frankfort, it was great having the University of Chicago hold an exhibit and lecture this past Halloween weekend acknowledging Chicago’s importance in candy production around the world! Since the late 1800’s many candy makers and brands are a part of Chicago’s history. Tootsie Roll is the first that … Continue Reading »