Decorate with Candy!

Well, Black Friday & Cyber Monday have come and gone! Now the holiday decorating begins. Some of us are trying to tastefully decorate without spending too much money since most of the budget was spent on Black Friday & Cyber Monday!  Everyone loves Christmas and everyone loves candy… why not combine the two.  Candy Canes are definitely top on the list when it comes to adding that touch of Christmas. Decorate the entire tree in red & white only using candy canes and ribbon. Add a touch of green by using the red, white & green candy canes. Need a holiday container for your floral display? Surround a glass vase with candy canes. Either hot glue them to an inexpensive vase or rubbers band them to the vase, covering the rubber band with festive ribbon. Fill a clear glass container with colorful Christmas candy like Holiday Hershey’s Kisses red silver & green foil wrapped kisses or Rolo’s for the chocolate lovers. Make candle rings for candle holders using smaller candy canes and starlight mints… hot glue them to form a ring for the top of the holder, set the candle in the center & presto! Several of our customers have ordered the Red & White Starlights, Green & White Starlights or the Red, White & Green Holiday Starlight Mints to make hanging wreaths. Add a little ribbon & viola… instant door décor. The ideas are endless… we invite you to share some of yours!

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