Nostalgic/Retro Candy… Still on the Rise!

It’s amazing how the demand for the “old fashioned” favorites continues to rise. When all the hype began, we brought in many of the popular retro candies like Bonomo Taffy, Slo Pokes, Necco Wafers, Candy Jewelry which include NecklacesRings & Bracelets and of course the Necco Candy Buttons… you know those tiny candies you peeled off the paper strips!… and the list goes on. The consumer is still wanting more! Our Retro inventory continues to expand.  Requests have come in for the Candy & Bubble Gum Cigarettes, the Circus Peanuts and Fizzies & Choc N Roll Caramels. And we at Sweet Services believe, “what the customer wants, the customer gets”. We save by purchasing in bulk which allows us to pass that savings along to you. So feel free to shop til ya drop!

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