The Twist You Can’t Resist!

We’ve all had Red and Licorice Twizzlers but you have to try the Rainbow Twizzler. Each is a bright rainbow color of red, blue, green, yellow, orange or pink. Not only are they multi-colored, but they’re multi-flavored as well. Enjoy Strawberry, Orange, Lemonade, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry or Grape. Not only do they taste great but the iconic Twizzler shape remains!

I was doing a little ‘surfing’ and it’s amazing the things people use Twizzlers for beside just a sweet treat… I came across several websites; however I found one that caught my eye. A very crafty person named Kim made a special birthday cake shaped like a purse and decorated it with brightly colored icing along with the Rainbow Twizzlers, Skittles and Lifesavers.  Very unique! The website is in case you have a special Birthday coming up and want to show off your artistic side. Sweet Services has all the candy you’ll need!

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