School’s in Session!!!!

Don’t forget to stock up! Consider Sweet Services for all your School Fundraisers & Parties! When you purchase in bulk all the money you save can be donated to that important cause. At our discounted prices you can afford to make & sell goodie bags filled with kid’s favorites like Charms Mini Pops, Kiddie Mix, … Continue Reading »

Discontiuned… what??

We all think we’re alone, but everyone of us has experienced this. It seems every time we love a product after awhile, POOF!… It’s gone!!! Worse part is the manufacturer can’t give you a good solid reason. You’re just told that something has replaced it and it’s even better. Well, no, it’s not better, it’s … Continue Reading »

Good Customer Service… where has it gone?

Where has good customer service gone? Try to contact a company to purchase their products… all  you get is “press one, two, or three”, then you’re on hold for the next available operator… but your wait time is 45 minutes. However, you can leave a voice mail message and someone will get back to you. … Continue Reading »