Father’s Day Candy Tackle Box

Father’s day is approaching soon and how about instead of giving him the same old gifts like ties, gift cards and shavers give him the gift of candy! This creative gift idea is relatively simple to create and he won’t ever forget the time and effort you put in the idea. Here are the items … Continue Reading »

Memorial Day Candy Ideas

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who sacrificed for our freedom and what better way to do this with some delicious candy. The Memorial Day Candy from SweetServices.com is perfect for every occasion including; family picnics, cook outs and beach parties. Memorial Candy often comes in colors of red, white and blue and … Continue Reading »

How to Make a Lollipop Malt Candy Bouquet

Looking for a sweet idea for a mother’s day gift that will make her feels special? A lollipop malt candy bouquet is relatively easy to make and is a practical gift. She will think you spent hours making this delicious candy treat and in reality should only take 10-15 minutes to create. Lollipop Malt Candy … Continue Reading »

Watch how M&M’s are Made

Ever wonder how M&M’s are made? They are one of the most popular candies ever made and just about everyone you know has had some kind of M&M’s at one point in their life. Check out this video on how the Mars candy company makes M&M’s and some interesting facts about the tiny mouth watering … Continue Reading »

St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Candy Craft

Everytime you see a rainbow, ever wonder where it start’s or where it ends? We have all heard of the St. Patrick’s day “pot of gold” story as kids and ever wonder the legendary store originated from? The tale originated in Old Europe, in which the Irish people believed at the end of every rainbow, … Continue Reading »

Fun Easter Candy Facts

Easter holiday is approaching soon and we are excited to inform you of some interesting facts about the second most candy eating event next to Halloween of the year for Americans.  Easter has been celebrated for hundreds of years and originated in the Christian religion and Americans spend almost up to 2 billion a year on Easter … Continue Reading »