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Fun Easter Candy Facts

Easter holiday is approaching soon and we are excited to inform you of some interesting facts about the second most candy eating event next to Halloween of the year for Americans.  Easter has been celebrated for hundreds of years and originated in …[more]

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Did you know?

90 million Easter Bunnies & 16 billion Jelly Beans are made for Easter each year 76 percent of people eat the ears on Chocolate Bunny first! Most kids like the red Jelly Beans the best! April 22nd is National Jelly …[more]

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Hop on by!!!

Our Easter goodies have arrived. Make sure to order early so the Easter Bunny isn’t left short-handed for all those baskets he has to fill. We have all your favorites… Hershey Miniature Bars which include the all-time favorites; Mr. Goodbar, Hershey’s …[more]

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