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Candy Crafts For The Holidays

Looking for creative ideas for the holidays using your favorite mouth-watering sweets? Here are some popular Christmas candy combinations sure to please everyone including; educators and their students, parents and their children, Sunday school and much more. Need an idea for …[more]

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The History of the Candy Cane: Origin and Mystery

Most would agree that Halloween is the first holiday that comes to mind when we think of candy being sensationalized. Perhaps Easter is close behind, but Christmas rarely gets associated with candy. Sure, we realize that the children in Christmas …[more]

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Take advantage of our FREE FedEx Ground shipping this week on all your CHRISTMAS CANDY purchases! Sweet Services wishes to say Thank You & Happy Holidays to our loyal customers! Have a Wonderful New Year!

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What’s the rush?

Boy it seems like we’re just rushing right into the Christmas season! For the last couple of weeks TV commercials are geared toward Christmas shopping, Christmas songs are being played on the radio, Holiday ornaments are decorating stores and malls …[more]

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