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“All Sorts” of Licorice & Its Health Benefits

So many of our customers love black licorice and purchase in wholesale bulk quantities; however, I wonder how many know that it’s not only yummy but it also has some health benefits. The liquorice-root extract in licorice contains the natural …[more]

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New Items!

By popular demand, Sweet Services has added some of your favorite hard candies by Primrose! You must try the Primrose Creamy Disks that are now available in Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry & the popular Coffee Flavor. For you licorice lovers …[more]

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Bit of Trivia ~ The Caveman was really the First!

The Caveman was the first to sample candy by eating the honey from bee hives… what a Geico commercial that would make. History actually traces candy back 3,500 years to the Egyptians who along with the Chinese would mix honey …[more]

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