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Patriotic Candy for Parades

Being patriotic is an American favorite pastime and why not celebrate your 4th of July party or show your support of the troops with a parade of sweet Patriotic candy!     You will be the hit of your party and your …[more]

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Wholesale Parade Candy!

It’s not so much the fire trucks, marching bands, and nifty floats that draw children to a parade; it’s often the free candy! Alas, at even the most well-stocked parades there’s only so much free candy to go around. Don’t …[more]

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It’s Parade Season!!!!

Memorial Day… 4th of July… means parades everywhere! The Marching Bands, the Floats, the Balloons, the Costumes – Everyone enjoys parades… it’s a fun way to celebrate! On-lookers appreciate the candy that those parade participants seem to have readily available …[more]

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I’m sure most of us are looking forward to the next 3-day Holiday Weekend!  What is now celebrated with picnics, barbeques & sleeping in on Monday, began on June 28, 1894 as a celebration of all hard working laborers & …[more]

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