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Is It Smarter to Buy Candy Wholesale for an Event?

If you are having a party or preparing for Halloween trick-or-treaters, you know the pressure to get your sweets right. After all, you’ll want to impress anyone over at your house with an array of items suited to varying tastes. …[more]

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Most Popular Wholesale Candy

If the way to a person’s heart is their stomach, then you’ll want to have a little something for everyone when buying candy for a group event. Wholesale candy is a great way to stock up an office, a store, …[more]

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3 Small Tips for Saving Money on Your Child’s Birthday Party

After this intense winter, people are eager to go outside and enjoy themselves again, and that means plenty of parties and events. Parents and teachers know that the spring season seems to be a popular time for birthday parties. Along …[more]

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Have a Sweet Tooth?

Then Sweet Services is the place to be. Whether you are looking for that nostalgic candy you haven’t had since you were a child, or a business looking for bulk candy to hand out to your customers, you will find …[more]

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Yummi Gummi’s!

We couldn’t wait to share our new product by Albanese Confectionery with all of you! Manufacturing the “World’s Best Gummi’s” in the U.S. since 1983, Albanese has the reputation of producing the best food products. We now carry their yummy …[more]

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Candy Overload!!

Wondering what to do with all that Halloween candy? Why not donate all those sweets to our men & women overseas. Many dentists are buying the candy from their patients for $1.00 per pound & donating it to Operation Gratitude. …[more]

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Craving Chocolate?

Well, finally the temperatures have cooled down… At least in most parts of the country. We at Sweet Services are excited that we can now go back to shipping all of our yummy Chocolate Candies. I’m sure our customers have …[more]

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Halloween is Creeping up!

Still preparing for that big Halloween Bash? Don’t run short on treats! Sweet Services has many items still available at great prices! Simply visit our “Halloween” section on our website. Some of our popular Holiday items are Hershey or Mars …[more]

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Back to School!!!

It’s a Bitter Sweet time of year! Summer seems to fly by and once again the little ones are off to school. Kids always love a surprise treat from Mom or Dad when they open their school Lunch. It may …[more]

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Summertime and traveling with children!

Summertime is a popular travel time and if you’re traveling with kids, snacks can be a valuable resource. Of course you want to bring along things such as dried fruit, cereals and fruit juices, however don’t forget the candy! Yes, I said …[more]

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