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Hard Candy

Everyone enjoys a piece of Hard Candy. It's a tasty treat anytime, anywhere. Sweet Services bulk Hard Candies come in a wide variety of your favorite brands. You can choose from regular fruit-flavors in a rainbow of colors, sweet or sour flavors & even your favorite flavors in Sugar Free. Whether you prefer bite-sized treats, lollipops or just plain hard candy, Sweet Services offers the best variety & wholesale pricing around!
Apple Jolly Rancher  ~ 160 Box
Aquarium Candy Fish ~ 3lbs
Assorted Fruit Filled Candies ~ 5lb Bag
Assorted Petite Hypno Swirl Lollipops ~ 100 Pcs
Apple Jolly Rancher
Candy Fish by Oakleaf
A delicious fruit-filled bulk hard candy assortment.
Assorted Flavored Hypno Pops
Price: $9.95
Price: $9.49
Price: $16.95
Price: $27.50
Assorted Petite Sassy Spheres ~ 5lb
Assorted Sassy Spheres ~ 5lb
Assorted Sassy Striped Cylinders ~ 5lbs
Atkinson Orange & Black Hard Candy Twists
Assorted Fruit Flavored Petite Sassy Spheres
Assorted Flavored Sassy Spheres
Strawberry Flavored Cylinders
Orange Citrus flavored hard candy with a Twist!
Price: $24.95
Price: $24.95
Price: $24.95
Price: $18.95
Atkinson Red, White,  Mint Candy
Atkinson Sugar Free Mint Twists ~ 12 Bags
Banana Candy Stick ~ 80 Count Box
Blue and White Petite Candy Sticklettes ~ 250 Count
Red, white mint twists.
Sugar Free Red/White Mint Twists
Banana Old-Fashioned Candy Stick.
Blue & White Striped Petite Sticklettes
Price from: $18.95
Price: $22.95
Price: $12.50
Price: $17.95
Blue Petite Sassy Spheres ~ 5lb
Blue Sassy Spheres ~ 5lb
Blueberry Sassy Blue Striped Cylinders ~ 5lbs
Brach Butterscotch ~ 7lb.
Blue Petite Sassy Spheres
Blue Sassy Spheres
Blueberry Flavored Cylinders
Butterscotch Hard Candy
Price: $24.95
Price: $24.95
Price: $24.95
Price: $39.95
Brach Peppermint Starbrites ~ 7lb.
Brachs Cinnamon Disks ~ 16oz
Brachs Cinnamon Disks ~ 6.83lb bag
Brachs Ice Blue Mint Coolers ~ 6.31lb bag
...with REAL Peppermint!
The classic red cinnamon disk.
The classic red cinnamon disk.
Brachs Ice Blue Mint Coolers
Price: $33.95
Price: $5.50
Price: $39.90
Price: $33.95
Brachs Peppermint Star Brites ~ 16oz.
Brachs Strawberry Filled Bon Bons ~ 5.5lb bag
Butterscotch Candy Stick ~ 80 Count Box
Candy Galaxy ~ Moon and Stars ~ 3lbs
The classic red & white Peppermint Starlight.
Brachs Strawberry Filled Bon-Bon
Butterscotch Old-Fashioned Candy Stick.
Moon & Star-shaped brightly colored candies by Oakleaf
Price: $5.50
Price: $39.95
Price: $12.50
Price: $9.49