This Way to the Perfect DIY Candy Buffet

Follow these 6 simple steps to DIY your way to the perfect candy buffet for your next party or event. This Sweet Services guide will quickly take you from frazzle to dazzle, and will leave your guests in awe … satisfying even the pickiest sweet tooth in attendance. Start to finish, we will walk you through the plan, how to select a theme for your candy buffet, the right amount of bulk candy to order, down to the set-up, table decor and the unforgettable candy buffet take away to send your guests home in sweet style.

Sweet Services fast Guide to DIY Candy Buffet infographic

Now that you’re ready to roll out the party of the year, let’s get you started with the right supplies to fill those candy jars. You can check out our inventory here, or if we can help you narrow it down, a friendly team member is available to help you assemble the perfect order of bulk candy to fit your needs and your budget.

We’d love to see what you put together for your next event! Please share your photos and experiences on our facebook page, we would love to see your results!


Sweet Services perfect DIY candy buffet infographic – An infographic by the team at Sweet Services online candy store

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Father’s Day Candy Tackle Box

Father's day candy tackle boxFather’s day is approaching soon and how about instead of giving him the same old gifts like ties, gift cards and shavers give him the gift of candy! This creative gift idea is relatively simple to create and he won’t ever forget the time and effort you put in the idea.

Here are the items you will need to complete the Father’s Day Tackle Box:

Candy Tackle box materials

1. Plastic container with compartments
2. Gummy Worms
3. Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers
4. Gummy Dolphins
5. Gummy Fish
6. Red Licorice Lace
7. Candy Corn
8. Gummy Rings
8. Construction Paper
9. Scotch Tape or Glue

Cut some construction paper to fit the inside of the plastic container and write a special Father’s day message that he won’t forget. Tape or glue the paper to the container and fill the empty slots with some of his favorite candy choices. We have made some popular candy selections to choose from and you can also choose other types of candy by visiting

Fathers day candy tacklebox

Many of us can say that some of our favorite memories are fishing with our fathers together and they are memories that last forever.

We really were excited to see this father’s day candy tackle box craft that is edible and one gift that he won’t forget :)



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Mother’s Day Chocolate Treat Idea

Mother's day Hershey chocolate bars craftLooking for that perfect sweet gift for Mother’s Day? We have a unique Mother’s day gift guaranteed to make her feel special.

Mother’s can sometimes be hard to find gifts for and this one she won’t forget.

Ever wonder the process of how Hershey’s chocolate bars are made?

Check out the video below!

This unique Hershey bar candy wrapper idea is relatively easy to make and be a sweet gift that she won’t forget.

You will need some regular sized Hershey bar (1.55 oz) and access to a printer.

Here is the wrapper and feel free to copy it or:

download it here

Mother's day chocolate candy craft wrapper

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Memorial Day Candy Ideas

Memorial Day Candy IdeasMemorial Day is a time to remember those who sacrificed for our freedom and what better way to do this with some delicious candy.

The Memorial Day Candy from is perfect for every occasion including; family picnics, cook outs and beach parties.

Memorial Candy often comes in colors of red, white and blue and is patriotic candy. Below are a few samples of what you can order to create your Memorial Candy party.

To order, simply click on any of the selections below.

buy red gumballs online

buy white gumballs online in bulk

buy blue gumballs online in bulk

Find more Memorial Day candy at, including patriotic candy and other bulk candy perfect for that mid summer celebration in your backyard or at a friends house.

Memorial Day Backyard Candy Celebration

Sweet Services offers flat rate shipping no matter how big the order is for only $9.95 and friendly customer service. Give them a call or shop for your favorite candy online by visiting their website today!

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How to Make a Lollipop Malt Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet Lollipop Malt Craft

Looking for a sweet idea for a mother’s day gift that will make her feels special? A lollipop malt candy bouquet is relatively easy to make and is a practical gift.

She will think you spent hours making this delicious candy treat and in reality should only take 10-15 minutes to create.

Lollipop Malt Candy Bouquet


To begin, you will need to gather some of the following items:

The instructions how to make this beautiful candy bouquet malt are simple and the video explains in detail how to assemble all the items together.

First you will need to shred ribbon or colored paper and place them inside the glass piece and set the styrofoam piece over the fillings. You may also substitute the paper or ribbon with bubble gum or jelly beans for the filling.

Insert your favorite lollipops in rows in any order which you desire. If any of the styrofoam parts remains visible, try covering the remaining empty areas with Dum Dums.

The Lollipop Malt Bouquet makes an ideal gift for that someone special in your life and will sure to make them put a smile on their face :)

Image courtesy of:

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Watch how M&M’s are Made

M&MS Candy Video

Ever wonder how M&M’s are made? They are one of the most popular candies ever made and just about everyone you know has had some kind of M&M’s at one point in their life. Check out this video on how the Mars candy company makes M&M’s and some interesting facts about the tiny mouth watering chocolate candies.


Here are some interesting facts about M&M’s that you may not know:

  • M&M’s stands for “Mars and Murrie” the founders whose full names are Frank Mars and Bruce Murrie.
  • The story of M&M’s started around 1941 around WW2 in a New Jersey factory and were only sold to the military during these years and were available for public consumption in 1945.
  • Peanut M&M’s were originally introduced in 1954 and were tan in color.
  • Red M&M’s are the most popular choice of these candy chocolate lovers to this day.
  • The Google company started to provide unlimited amounts of M&M’s for their employees in 2012. They consumed large amounts of them and the supervisors became worried about the amount of them they were eating and eventually had to add other healthier sweets alternatives such as figs, fruits and nuts.
  • There are approximately 60 calories in one fun size M&M’s candy.

It is arguable that M&M’s are the most popular chocolates candies that the population of the world has ever known and are undoubtedly the most mass produced at around a whopping 70,000 pieces per second.

M&M’s are one of the top selling candies of Sweet Services and we offer a large variety to choose from including: Easter M&M bunny mixM&M Christmas mixM&M Peanut Fun Size and other M&M’s products.

Image credits:

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St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Candy Craft

Pot of Gold Candy CraftEverytime you see a rainbow, ever wonder where it start’s or where it ends? We have all heard of the St. Patrick’s day “pot of gold” story as kids and ever wonder the legendary store originated from?

The tale originated in Old Europe, in which the Irish people believed at the end of every rainbow, fairies put a pot of gold and how the leprechauns guarded it for safekeeping. This folklore tale of the Irish has become to be known as St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, where many celebrate this holiday in Ireland and around the world by wearing “green” that day.

We found this St. Patrick’s day pot of gold candy craft and were excited to be able to share it with everyone. You can be someone’s “Pot of Gold” with this cute project for St. Patty’s Day.

Things you will need to create the pot of gold:


Open the cellophane bags, place 4 rolo’s or gold coins in the bottom of the bag and add layers of multi-colored candy of your choice (M&M’s, Skittles, Jelly Beans, Gumballs, etc…). Close the cellophane bag with a twist tie and add an optional banner tag of your choice with a custom message or saying to give to that someone special in your life.

Want to know more about the history of St. Patrick’s Day? Here is a detailed history of this famous Irish holiday:


This fun creative candy craft for St. Patty’s day is relatively inexpensive and simple to make, and will likely put a smile on that someone special in your life.


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Fun Easter Candy Facts

Easter Candy FactsEaster holiday is approaching soon and we are excited to inform you of some interesting facts about the second most candy eating event next to Halloween of the year for Americans.  Easter has been celebrated for hundreds of years and originated in the Christian religion and Americans spend almost up to 2 billion a year on Easter candy. Here are some more interesting Easter candy facts:

  •  76% of Americans think the ears of a chocolate bunny should be eaten first compared to the 4% of people who prefer to eat them starting at the feet.
  • Around 70% of Easter candy bought is chocolate.
  • On average kids prefer red jelly beans to any other color
  • Over 100 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year
  • Close to 20 billion jelly beans each year at Easter and would circle the globe nearly 3 times over
  • Jelly beans became an easter tradition around 1930
  • Around 70% of children aged 6 to 11 prefer to eat Easter jelly beans one at a time, while around 23% say they prefer to eat several at once. Close to 30% of boys were more apt to eat a handful of jelly beans vs. the girls which were around 20%
  • Kids favorite jelly bean flavors according to popularity in order are; cherry, strawberry, grape, lime and blueberry
  • The top Easter sweets by votes according to a study in order are; eggs, bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallows
  • In the 1980’s, M&M’s produced their first pastel easter colored candy and Reese’s made its first peanut butter eggs
  • The largest Easter egg made was over 25ft high and weighed almost 9000 lbs according to the guinness book of world records

In addition to all of these facts, Easter is also a movable holiday, meaning that it can take place any sunday between March 25th and April 22nd and is different every year.

There is a complicated formula on how to determine the future dates of Easter and are displayed as follows:

Easter Calendar

There are almost 60 countries that celebrate Easter and is one of Sweet Services most busiest times of the year. We have a huge selection of candy to choose from including Easter candy in bulk with friendly customer service and flat rate shipping of only $9.95!


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Benefits & History of Chewing Gum

Benefits of Chewing GumEver wonder if there is benefits of chewing gum? New research shows that chewing bubble gum does offer some surprising health benefits that everyone should know about. However, these benefits are based on each persons needs and outcomes may vary from person to person. Each individual is unique and will react differently to chewing gum.

We are pleased to report that scientific studies show evidence that there are some benefits of chewing gum that include:

  • manage weight loss
  • maintain oral health
  • improve memory
  • reducing stress
  • improve digestion
  • increased focus
  • increased alertness & concentration

Bubble gum was invented by a man named Walter Diemer in 1928 by accident. He was doing an experiment and ended up with a chewy substance with bubbles. The name of his company was Fleer Chewing Gum Company.

Have you ever blown a bubble and ask yourself why chewing gum is so stretchy or what was in this stuff and wondered how it is made?

In addition to this classic pink style of chewing gum there are several other types of gum to include: classic bubble gum with a large variety of different flavors, gumballs, coins, sugar free gum, xylitol gum, candy coated gum and many more to choose from.

Here are some random interesting facts about chewing gum:

  • The average American chews 300 gum sticks a year
  • Chewing gum has been around since 900 years ago
  • The color of bubble gum is pink because the inventor chose it because it was the only food color that was nearby
  • Wrigley is the largest gum manufacturer company in America including 20+ other companies that manufacture gum

SweetServices offers a convenient way to buy chewing gum online in bulk from the comforts of your home or office with a large variety and flavors online to choose from.

Thanks for visiting our chewing gum guide and please don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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Jelly Belly Candy

jelly-belly-companyJelly Belly candy beans were introduced in the 1960’s by the Herman Goelitz candy company, creators of the ever-famous Jelly Belly flavor-infused jelly bean.

There has been a steadily increasing surge of popularity for the Jelly Belly candies and products. Since 1980, they have experimented with a wide variety of flavors.

Half the fun of these savory gems is taking a bite and figuring out what flavor you have just bit into. There are also so many uses for these very versatile, and flavorful candy.

People say big things come in small packages and we would wholeheartedly agree with this statement when it comes to these magical candy bean treats.

Here is a short video on how Jelly Belly candy is made:

Below are a few ideas for which you can enjoy these delicious, mouth-watering morsels…

#1) Jelly Belly vase

 jelly belly vase

#2) Jelly Belly Topiary

jelly belly topiary craft

#3) Jelly Belly nests

jelly belly easter egg nest cookies

These candies are so popular that even a past president of the United States loved them. “You can tell alot about a fella’s character by whether he picks out all of one color, or just grabs a handful,” said President Ronald Reagan.

So grab a handful or two of these fun and delicious treats! You will find all of your Jelly Belly candy needs at


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