Sweet Ways to Incorporate Candy into Your Wedding

Although planning a wedding entails a lot of time and attention, when the special day comes, you realize just how much it was worth it. Undoubtedly, you want your wedding to be the best it can be, not to mention one of the most memorable days of your life.  When it comes to a wedding, there just can never be too much sweetness. Despite a cake being the traditional sweet treat; it may not be enough to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Whether you’re planning an elegant or more casual wedding, you can easily incorporate candy into your special day. We’ve provided ideas and tips below to help you.

Edible Wedding Favors
Show your guests that you have good taste and are grateful for them being a part of your special day with candy wedding favors. You can make candy favor bags or boxes. Top it off with a nicely wrapped bow, a thank you note, and maybe a memento of your event. If you’re feeling really creative, craft a lollipop tree for each guest to take a lollipop when they leave.

Candy Place Cards
When guests arrive to pick up their place card, make a favorable impression with a candy place card. You can place the candy in a bag or box and staple or tape the card on the top or the side. You can even make the candy stand with a candy cane place holder. Simply secure three candy canes together with a ribbon to make easels for place card. This idea is perfect if your wedding color is red and you’re looking for ways to incorporate red candy into your wedding.

Candy Centerpieces
Ditch the traditional flower centerpiece and fill it with sweets. You can create a lollipop or rock candy bouquet or add decorated glass jars fill with your favorite candy.


Candy Buffet
Not only can you please everyone’s sweet tooth, but it’s a great way to play on the color scheme of your wedding and be creative. Like a traditional food buffet, use platters and other types of stands to display the candy. Also be sure to have paper lunch bags and take out containers available for guests.

While all of this sounds sweet, try to be cautious of the sensitivity of candies. Be considerate of guests who have dietary concerns. Label dietary candies including candies that are gluten-free, vegan, and sugar free so that guests are aware. Also take into account that some people may not be able to handle sour, spicy cinnamon and other such flavored candies.

Not only are all of these ideas fun but your guests will be talking about your wedding long after your big day has passed!

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Interesting Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Reception Tables

If you are planning a wedding, you already know how much detail should be taken into consideration when it comes to nearly all aspects of the occasion. You might have already decided on a certain theme for your wedding, which is important to remember for the rest of the celebration so that you can keep a consistent tone throughout your big day. With a theme in mind, one simple yet overlooked detail of your wedding is your reception tables. Believe it or not, you can add quite a bit of emphasis if you make some adjustments to your reception tables. Here are just a few aesthetic changes you can make:

1. Consider the color scheme of your reception table and how it fits in with the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a summer-themed wedding, you will want to choose bright, bold, and cheerful colors. Typically, good colors to think about for this idea would be yellow, magenta, orange, cyan, and coral.

2. Add appropriate accessories and make sure that you get them at a discounted price. If you want to have centerpieces on your reception table, find out if there is a cheap and easy way to make them on your own. It is never a bad idea to go to your most beloved arts and crafts store and find the essential items necessary to make a centerpiece while buying it at a discounted price. If you cannot find these items on sale, you could always find coupons online and print them out or even show them to the cashier through your smartphone.

3. Research wedding reception tables and the way that they are designed. If you enjoy reading wedding magazines or browsing through them, make sure to pay careful attention to the reception tables. How tall are they? Which color scheme spoke to you the most? Don’t forget to tackle these questions!

4. Don’t forget about the candy. Every wedding needs a bit of candy and having it on the reception tables is a perfect addition. Candies of all types, such as butter mints, will work extraordinarily well (especially if you can fit it in a bowl or in a gift bag.) There is nothing as delicious as candy!

Enjoy your wedding in style this year with beautiful reception tables. Don’t forget that every detail of your wedding counts!

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Tips for Making Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Fun and Easy

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a birthday party for a 2 year old or a 12 year old, planning birthday parties can be stressful.  Today there’s a lot of pressure on parents to make sure that their child has the perfect birthday party, and as the years go on that stress to constantly plan something bigger and better can start to get to parents.

No parent wants their child to have a disappointing birthday, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make yourself sick with stress in order to give them a nice party.  Instead of spending another night online endlessly searching for new party themes to top your old ones, follow these tips so that you can throw your child a wonderful birthday party.

Don’t go overboard

So many parents feel pressure to add as much fun and activities to birthday parties, but that strategy can backfire when the big day comes.  It isn’t uncommon for parents to make birthday parties a lot more difficult than they need to be.  Kids don’t need to have a party full of activities to keep them entertained, and having a party that’s too full of things to do can leave kids feeling worn out and cranky by the time things are over.  Don’t feel like you have to have every minute of the party planned with activities.  A handful of fun games are all you need to please your child and their guests.

Save money where you can

Birthday party expenses can add up pretty quickly, and a lot of parents end up spending much more money on the party then they had planned on.  Use coupons if you’re planning on order pizza for everyone at the party.  Order bulk candy to make sure the kids have enough candy for the party, and a little extra to bring home as a favor.  Buy party supplies online at a discount so that you don’t overspend at specialty stores.

Don’t focus on parents

Recently a lot of birthday parties have been planned more to cater to parents instead of kids.  That trend can seem like it makes sense, after all you don’t want parents to be bored if they decide to stay for the party.  It is a nice gesture, but that just takes time and money away from making sure that the kids have a good time.  Don’t feel the need to make a special adult menu, or have an activity planned for them.  Like you, they’re here to make sure that their kids have a good time, so they probably aren’t too concerned about being entertained.

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Ideas for Wedding Favors

When you’re getting married, you have a lot of things on your mind.  Finding a place to get married, settling on rings and outfits, and deciding on who gets to be in the wedding party can be time consuming.  After you finish the ceremony, planning “small” things like wedding invitations and centerpieces can make you tired just thinking about.  One thing a lot of brides stress over isn’t the ceremony or the reception; it’s the wedding favors they’re going to give their guests.

In the past some people would simply send their guests a picture after the big day, but today wedding favors have gotten a lot more creative.  You want to give out something that people will actually want, and you want it to reflect on you and your partner’s personalities.  If you’re stressing over what you want to give your guests at your wedding, these bits of advice could help make the final decision much easier.

Think about your theme

Does your wedding have a particular theme?  If so, your best bet for wedding favors would be something that ties into your overall wedding theme.  Are you having a classy black tie affair?  Custom champagne glasses engraved with the names of the bride and groom can go along with the theme nicely.  Are your bridal colors blue and white?  Give out some bags of blue candy to match your theme.  Sometimes a simple tie-in can be enough to give your guests a memorable gift to bring home from your ceremony.

Consider the season

If you don’t have a theme for your wedding, you may want to consider tying your gift into the season you’re getting married in.  If you’re getting married in the spring, consider sending your guests home with seed packets and customized pots.  If you’re having a summer wedding, consider giving out some beach towels with the bride and grooms names.

Tie in a personal element

Some couples like to give out party favors that have a personal tie to their relationships.  If you met your spouse at a beach, beach theme favors could be ideal for wedding gifts.  If you and your spouse love to take pictures together, send your guests home with a personalized picture frame.  If you met during a concert, you could give your guests a mix CD filled with your favorite songs.

Make a donation

If you can’t think of a wedding favor, you could devote the money you set aside for them to charity and make a charitable donation in your guest’s name.  All you need to do is print out a few nice cards that explain that a donation has been made in their name to charity of your choice.

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Most Popular Wholesale Candy

If the way to a person’s heart is their stomach, then you’ll want to have a little something for everyone when buying candy for a group event. Wholesale candy is a great way to stock up an office, a store, a Cub Scout troop or a holiday party with amazing treats—at an amazing price. But what are the best wholesale candies buy that will make everyone happy? Here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

1.  Reese’s – Every Halloween, kids sort through their treasure and pick out the best pieces. Inevitably, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are among the top favorites. Kids will try to strike bargains to trade other candy for Reese’s. Some kids like to save their Reese’s for last, while most dive in and eat them first. Adults seem to feel the same way, because Reese’s remains one of the most popular wholesale candies available on the market.

2.  M&Ms – For decades, M&Ms have been a favorite of office treat jars and trick-or-treaters alike. The great thing about M&Ms is that there is no predetermined dosage: you can have a lot of them or you can have just a few. People buy M&Ms as wholesale candy because they look great in candy dishes, because they come in many varieties and holiday colors, and because they famously don’t melt in your hand.

3.  Lollipops – One of the most diverse and enduring types of wholesale candy is the lollipop. Lollipops have been around almost as long as confectionaries have been, and they remain a favorite for a few reasons. For one thing, they are a “clean” candy; with the stick to hold, you don’t make a mess and you keep your hands free. For another, they take a while to get through—unless you’re an owl—so a single piece of candy is more satisfying.

4.  Lifesavers – There’s something magical about Lifesavers. Maybe it’s the way they’re packaged, where you’re always wondering what the next color underneath will be, or maybe it’s the unique shape. Either way, Lifesavers are now available in a lot of flavors and are a very popular wholesale candy.

5.  Tootsie Rolls – You didn’t think we’d forget the humble Tootsie Roll, did you? Tootsie Rolls are just ingenious. They give you a bite of chocolate in a small package. You get the joy of unwrapping each one like it’s a present. And like all the best candies, there are multiple ways to eat it: do you chew it until it’s gone or just let it melt away?

6.  Jelly Belly – This is one of the most outrageously successful wholesale candies. Jelly Belly took an already beloved concept, the jelly bean, and turned it into a sensation by creating ever more diverse and strange flavors. It’s like candy crossed with exploring. Always a favorite – even with Regan, who was known to serve them at White House events.

What kind of candy do you like best for parties and events?

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6 Reasons to Buy Bulk Candy

Where do you buy candy? Chances are it’s at the corner store or the supermarket. However, when you are buying in large amounts or need to stock up regularly, buying this way is pretty inefficient and costly. You could save a lot of money by buying bulk candy online instead. Here are six instances where getting candy in bulk makes more sense:

  • For holiday parties – Whether they’re held at the office or for family and friends, holiday parties mean treats. Many people buy candy from the store and pay retail prices—which isn’t the best move when you’re stocking for a party. If you want to have trays or bowls of candy out for guests or make guest bags as party favors, then you can save big money by buying bulk candy.
  • For schools – Schools go through a lot of candy. While candy is only given out in small amounts, with hundreds of students and countless occasions every year, the cost can add up. Whether you are a school official who needs candy for events or a teacher who sometimes gives it out as in-class rewards, you’re better off with bulk candy.
  • To boost your business – Does your business sell candy? Why not? Even if you are not running a grocery store or convenience store, candy can be a great impulse purchase at the counter. There is almost nothing that people more routinely grab at the last minute than a favorite candy bar or treat. By buying bulk candy, you can set up a front-counter candy rack for a very small investment—and you will see the sales add up.
  • As a freebie for customers – Customers love candy. Whether you’re running a hair salon, a law office, or any kind of business that receives clients on a regular basis, a free candy dish is a nice way to put a smile on clients’ faces. But purchasing it at full retail price is going to hurt your monthly office budget. You can really cut the expense by switching to bulk candy.
  • To stock the office – Just as a candy dish makes a difference to customers, it also makes a difference to employees. Sometimes an employee needs a little pick-me-up on a tough day. At other times, they might want something to nibble on to tide them over till lunch. Or maybe it’s time for an office celebration. Either way, bulk candy means you can provide a low-cost treat to your workers that they’ll appreciate.

  • For Halloween! – There’s one day each year when everybody suddenly needs a lot of candy, and that’s Halloween. Don’t fall for candy “sales” that are triple the wholesale cost. Buy bulk candy and you can give out the best treats at the cheapest cost.

Have you ever bought bulk candy? How much did you save?

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Red Candies You Should Be Eating This Summer

Are you the kind of person who prefers to eat their candy by color? If so, Sweet Services is the perfect candy store for you! We pride ourselves on offering a large selection of candy in various flavors, forms, and you guessed it, colors. With summer just around the corner which color is better to eat than red? Red represents energy, heat, and fun and excitement, or in short, red is the color of the summer. Here are five red candies you should be eating this summer.

  • Watermelon Gummy Bears – Everyone loves gummy bears. They’re squishy, chewy, and just simply fun to eat! Most people are used to the traditional flavors such as cherry, lime, lemon, and orange. However, we at Sweet Services offer a special gummy bear flavor — watermelon! This treat is both sweet and refreshing and perfectly seasonal for summer.


  • Atomic Fireballs – Atomic fireballs are a classic favorite candy of many that date back to the mid 1950’s.  They are hot and spicy, just like the temperature outside. How many of these fireballs can you handle at a time? Proceed with caution…they can get hotter than you think!


  • Jelly Belly – Strawberry Daiquiri – Jelly beans aren’t just for Easter! Jelly Belly offers a wide selection of hundreds of unique gourmet flavors. One of our favorite flavors for the summer is Strawberry Daiquiri. It’s a uniquely refreshing twist on the traditional strawberry jelly bean flavor. It’s a perfect snack for the summer especially to have at the shore or by the poolside!


  • Classic Swedish Fish – Fishing is a favorite pastime for many in the summer. However if you prefer something sweeter and would rather laze around in a hammock or lay out on a boat without a rod, Swedish fish are perfect for you. These candies are shaped like fish for added fun, but they taste like sweet cherry gelatin. They are also available in other flavors including orange, lime, and grape, but let’s face it; nothing comes close to the classic cherry flavor.


  • Strawberry Pop rocks – Pop rocks are perhaps one of the most fun types of candy around. Downing a handful of pop rocks with your friends is a great way to feel nostalgic and to reminiscence on your childhood during a long, fun summer day. For added fun, wash it down with a can of cola. Don’t worry; those rumors about that kid who died in the 80’s from eating pop rocks with coke are all just a myth.

Red has always been a color connected with summer. Make your summer fun, memorable, and refreshing by incorporating these sweet red candies into your summer diet for a nice little treat.

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Creative Ways To Incorporate Candy into Your Summer Holidays and Events

Everyone loves candy. It’s a tasty sweet treat that can be refreshing as well as fun. One of the best parts about candy is that it comes in a variety of flavors, forms, and even colors. You can even by bulk candy by color to use as a fun decoration and treat for your next big event. During the summer there are plenty of holidays and events that could benefit from a colorful candy display. Candy can easily be used as both a decoration and a treat. Here are some creative ways to incorporate candy into your summer holidays and events.

  • Weddings

Candy is the perfect snack for any wedding, especially in the summer. Many couples are beginning to have candy buffets at their weddings. They key to having a successful candy buffet is to make it fun and to place the candy in clear containers or canisters for your guests to scoop out. You can feature you and your spouse’s favorite candies or try to choose candy that fits in with your wedding theme. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding feature candy like salt water taffy, fudge, Swedish fish, and other boardwalk favorites. Or, you can opt to purchase all white candy to symbolize the tradition and purity of the wedding.

  • Baby shower

What would a baby shower be without the decorative candy? Many moms-to-be like to feature blue or pink candy in celebration of their baby’s gender. Purchase bulk candy by color to get the best deal and to ensure that you will have enough for your guests. You may also want to purchase baby-themed candy such as candy that is in the shape of a rattle or pacifier.  If you are unaware of the baby’s gender, purchase a mixture of pastel colors.

  • Fourth of July

Candy can serve many purposes when it comes to the Fourth of July. First off, you will need candy to give out for the Fourth of July parades. These candies should be small, well-sealed, and made of a substance that does not melt easily. Tootsie rolls, mints, Smarties, and any kind of hard candy work particularly well for parades. You can also opt for ones that are all red, white, and blue for added effect.

After the parade if you’re having a party of a barbecue, opt to display patriotic candy. Purchase red, white, and blue gummies, gummy army men, red, white, and blue taffies, and anything else you can find. So long as you stick to the red, white and blue theme you can’t go wrong!

  • Birthday

Birthdays are one of the most fun events to buy candy for because you have so much freedom. However, if you want to be really creative look for ways to match candy with the overall theme of your birthday party or the event. For example, you can try to feature only nostalgic candy or candy from your generation. If you’re celebrating the birthday of someone born in the 70’s you might want to feature candy buttons, bottle caps, pixy sticks, sugar babies, and jaw breakers. You could also simply feature the person’s favorite color though candy or purchase candy that fits in with an overall theme (example, gold coins and candy jewelry for a pirate themed party).

Candy makes for a fun decoration and a nice sweet treat. It is the perfect snack to feature at any summer party or event. Be sure to purchase a large variety of candy in bulk so that all of your guests can have a piece or two to enjoy.

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Spring 2014′s Most Interesting Wedding Trends

Spring – otherwise known as “wedding season” – has arrived, and lots of couples are putting the finishing touches on their plans for the big day. Whether we want to admit it or not, wedding trends cycle in and out just like anything else: fashion, haircuts, music, et cetera. With the prevalence of the internet, Pinterest, and wedding blogs, though, we think the trends have gotten especially cool in this day and age.

Here are some of the best wedding trends, in our opinion, for spring this year.

Photography Trends: Vintage, Candid

When getting their wedding photos taken, it seems as though more brides and grooms are going with a sort of “vintage” theme. The photos are given a sort of washed-out or faded filter to make them feel more like Polaroids in an album. Similarly, many couples are doing away with the typical poses for wedding photos, opting for more candid (or quasi-candid) portraits and artsy shots of the getting-ready process. Cute!

Venue Trends: Unusual Locations

While some couples still love to adhere to tradition and get married in a church, it seems as though more and more couples are searching for the most unexpected location for a wedding. From art galleries to libraries to beer breweries to wide open fields, these unique locations often save the couples money and make for some interesting photo ops. Plus, the couples get to choose a location that is special to their relationship, like couples who share a love of wine getting married at a vineyard. It’s a win-win.

Color Trends: Pantone, Romance

Before we rang in the New Year, Pantone announced that the color of the year would be “radiant orchid.” It’s a gorgeous color, and a very saturated one that contrasts last year’s pastel trends. To celebrate, lots of brides and grooms are choosing radiant orchid and a complementary neutral as the wedding colors for their candy, party favors, balloons, and flowers.

For couples who aren’t so into that bright lilac hue, it seems as though romantic neutrals, like sand, blush, and dusty rose are making an appearance. It really fits with the washed-out, vintage theme that’s currently hot.

Food Trends: Approachability

We’ve all been to weddings where we sit waiting with growling bellies as the servers drop off dishes to the other tables. Feeling that this is a little too stuffy for 2014, many couples are choosing to take a more unique route. One popular dining theme for weddings this spring is “family-style” meals, where everyone helps themselves to as much food as they’d like. Another intriguing trend is food trucks. Who doesn’t love a good taco or some poutine off a local food truck? It might seem a little odd standing at the window in formal attire, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious.


Are you going to incorporate any of these trends into your wedding?

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3 Small Tips for Saving Money on Your Child’s Birthday Party

After this intense winter, people are eager to go outside and enjoy themselves again, and that means plenty of parties and events. Parents and teachers know that the spring season seems to be a popular time for birthday parties. Along with the kids that are actually born in the spring, there are also the kids with summer birthdays that want to celebrate with their classmates before the year ends.

Planning a kid’s birthday party isn’t as simple as it used to be, and it isn’t nearly as inexpensive. Birthday parties can be very costly, especially if your child plans on inviting a lot of guests. However, you can plan a great birthday party without having to break the bank by following these tips:


Send affordable invites

Professionally printed invitations can looks nice, but they can also be costly. There isn’t much point in spending $10 on a pretty piece of paper that will end up crumpled in somebody’s book bag, so don’t feel the need to go all out on the invites. Your kids could create their own custom invitations with their computer, and you could easily print out color copies at an office store. If you want to go the paperless route, you could do e-mail invitations. E-vites don’t cost any money, and you can send them to the guests and their parents to make sure that everyone sees it.

Keep the food simple

Kids love simple food, but some people insist on having elaborate meals at birthday parties to mark the special occasion and to impress other parents. But your kid doesn’t have to have specialty food at their birthday party; a few frozen pizzas or large bags of chicken nuggets and French fries can feed your guests without the need to spend a lot of money. Obviously, check with the parents about any allergies that their children may have before you decide on what to serve. Also, if you have some baking skills, you should consider making the birthday cake yourself. A homemade cake is unique, and can help make the event feel more personal.

Save on party favors

Goody bags have become expected at many parties, but those little toys and sweets can cost a lot. If you really think about it, the guests don’t need to be sent home with several small toys that will just take up more space in their house. Instead of putting together an elaborate gift bag with a lot of little toys, find one toy that goes along with the theme of the party. If you want to give the guests some memorable treats, order some customized birthday candy. You can find some surprisingly affordable custom candy prices if you look for wholesale candy.

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