Rainbow Candy

While the country is on the topic of rainbows, lets talk about America’s favorite rainbow candy.


Rainbow Candy Buffet


There are many advantages of offering a buffet of rainbow candy to offer which will make your guests feel like they found their treasure at the end of the rainbow. No matter what the weather is outside, choosing candy from our selection of multicolored sweets will brighten anyones day.

Start searching for your favorite candy by color, with so many colors and combinations to choose from you may not know where to get started? No matter what kind of candy you decide to buy, wrapped or unwrapped, hard or soft, everything will fit perfectly in your rainbow candy buffet.


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America’s Top Selling Candy

Ever wonder what the best selling candy is in America? What is the first candy that comes to mind when you think of candy coated chocolate? You probably guessed it correctly and just about everyone has enjoyed eating M&M’s in their life.

M&M's Best Selling Candy

M&M’s are manufactured by Mars and is the number 1 selling candy in America with annual sales topping 673.2 million!


Americas Best Selling Candy M&M's

Originally named after it’s two inventors (Forrest Mars Sr. and R. Murrie), M&M’s at first were packaged in a plastic tube and only came in one variety which was plain milk chocolate.  Today there are a large variety of M&M’s to choose from including peanut M&M’s which were added in 1954, M&M’s colors,  M&M’s with personalized messages for birthday’s, milestones, M&M mini tubes, NFL, NBA and even bridal shower treats and weddings.

Everyone loves chocolate and it has even been studied by scientists to show that by eating chocolate you can help improve your math skills by increasing the dopamine in your brain to make you happy and is more reason to buy chocolate!




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Patriotic Candy for Parades

Being patriotic is an American favorite pastime and why not celebrate your 4th of July party or show your support of the troops with a parade of sweet Patriotic candy!


Patriotic Candy for Parades


You will be the hit of your party and your guests will be impressed with Patriotic colors of red, white and blue candy. We recommend an assortment of red, white and blue gummies, gumballs, lolli pops, rock candy and swirl pops. You can use stars and stripes banners, bags or tablecloths to showcase your beautiful red, white and blue parade candy.

Red White Blue Sixlets

Celebrate your favorite American patriotic holiday today!



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Emerald Green Color of the Month

Emerald green is the birthstone of the month of May and we are expecting the rich green color of Spring to translate to candy buffets and weddings.

emerald green candy color of the month

It is a bold color that goes well with other shades of green such as mint, lemon yellow, dark blue, lavender and other spring colors.

Here is a popular green candy color palette using Emerald green color as a main or accent color:


green candy color palette

As you can see, green candy color combinations can go a long way for a splash of color for your next special event that people will never forget.

Want to create your own green candy color palette like this? Below are a few links to some of the popular candy products that you see in the image from SweetServices.com.

Andes Creme de Menthe – http://www.sweetservices.com/andes-creme-de-menthe.html
Tesla’s Teeny Green Twist Pop – http://www.sweetservices.com/Tesla-s-Teeny-Green-Twist-Pop-48ct..html
Albanese Green Apple Gummi Rings – http://www.sweetservices.com/Albanese-Green-Apple-Gummi-Rings-4.5lb-Bag.html
Dark Green Sixlets – http://www.sweetservices.com/dark-green-sixlets–2lbs..html



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It’s picnic time.

Gummy HamburgerSummer means time for picnics. At SweetServices.com we have some great candy that will sweeten up any picnic.  You have to have hamburgers and hotdogs. Try these gummy hamburgers and hotdogs.  They are sure to put a smile on the faces of  kids and adults.

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Valentine’s Day is Here!

I feel like I mark the passing year by the candy Holidays!  So now we are on to the next!  


We are already moving red, white and pink sweetheart candy fast! Looks like there is a lot of love in the air for 2015. Here is a glimpse at some of our best sellers….. 

Chocolate Conversation Hearts- not just hard candy anymore! Speak CHOCOLATE to your loved one:
Chocolate Conversation Hearts ~ 5lb bag.

Hershey’s Cupid Mix- Cupid has a mix all his own with favorites your Valentine will love:
Hershey's Cupid's Mix ~ 21oz Bag

Twizzlers Heart Shaped Nibs- If chocolate isn’t your thing, heart-shaped licorice must be!
Twizzlers Heart Shaped Nibs ~ 28 Count

Twinkle Heart Pops- will surely get some attention! Instead of a flower bouquet, try a bouquet of these sweet lollipops:
Twinkle Heart Pops ~ 120 Count

Strawberry and Cream Heart Pops- Now if you are on a budget, and you are that room mom looking for treat for the classroom, these lollies are tasty and something you cannot find everywhere:

Strawberry and Cream Heart Pops

Don’t forget to get your co-workers, grandparents and customers! Something sweet to show them you care! A little something sweet, and a lot of flair!

Happy Valentines Day! From Sweet Services!

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The History of the Candy Cane: Origin and Mystery

Most would agree that Halloween is the first holiday that comes to mind when we think of candy being sensationalized. Perhaps Easter is close behind, but Christmas rarely gets associated with candy. Sure, we realize that the children in Christmas storybooks dream of “sugar plums” while gingerbread houses are under construction. Candy still lacks that stapled association with Christmas that Halloween and Easter have, despite one very small, yet significant exception: candy canes. What would the holidays be without those simple yet extremely recognizable red and white treats?

Although the true history of the candy cane has been widely disputed, there is something special about this particular Christmas candy that makes people feel nostalgic. Perhaps it’s the vibrant bright red and pure white dangling from a crispy, dark evergreen tree that stands out? Or maybe it’s that feeling of contention and solidarity experienced as a young child in school, passing out Christmas candy for each fellow classmate.  No matter what feeling may come your way at the thought of candy canes, the mystery as to where they potentially originated still lingers.

The Origin

It’s been proposed that candy canes originated in Germany in the late 1600s. They first came on the scene after a local choirmaster in Cologne asked the local candy maker to develop something long-lasting for the noisy children in order to maintain silence during Christmas mass that evening. Allegedly, this Christmas candy incorporated white in order to remind the children of Jesus’ purity and sinless life while on Earth. He also requested the candy maker create hooked tops for the candies to remind the children of the shepherds who visited the baby Jesus on the night he was born.

Other Propositions

It’s also said that a recipe for straight peppermint candy sticks, white with colored stripes, was published in 1844. The candy cane which has been mentioned in literature since 1866, was first mentioned in association with Christmas in 1874, and as early as 1882 was hung on Christmas trees. They were first produced manually, with a factory employee physically bending the sticks to create the “J” shape, with over twenty percent breaking before packaging. It wasn’t until Fr. Gregory Keller invented the Keller Machine that automatically bent and striped the candies.

Although the folklore of the German candy maker has been debunked on several occasions, there is something sweet, simple, and perfectly lovely about this little tale. Whether or not it holds any authenticity, a little holiday history of a universally enjoyed Christmas candy never hurt anyone.

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Christmas Candy by the Numbers: An Infographic

Did you know…?

Christmas is the 3rd largest candy holiday, preceded by Halloween and Easter.  Tweet this.

American households spend an average amount of $94.04 on holiday candy per year. Tweet this.

Our nation spends $1.4 billion on holiday candy per year. Tweet this.

1.8 billion candy canes are made every year – 196.3 billion calories worth. Tweet this.

Half of the world’s chocolate is consumed in America. Tweet this.

19 million chocolate Santas will be made this Christmas. Tweet this.

On Christmas day, children consume about 6,000 calories of food and candy. Tweet this.


(Click to Enlarge)

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America’s Favorite Halloween Candy: An Infographic

Check out the infographic below for insight of America’s favorite Halloween candy by the numbers.

(Click to Enlarge)

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Tips for Winning Over the Trick or Treaters This Year

Halloween is coming around again and, for many, this holiday is actually somewhat of a trial. What kind of candy should you get? How much should you give each child? Is it safe to leave a plastic cauldron-full on the porch when you are away, or will the first group there take all the sweets? Not all of these questions have definitive answers, but there are best practices that you can follow that will allow you to make the kids happy . . . and hopefully keep them from toilet papering your house next year (a Mischief Night or Devil’s Night tradition in certain areas of the U.S.)!

  1. Order in Bulk – You don’t just want to avoid running out – you’ll want to have extra for everyone (and some for that Halloween party that you’re throwing later). One of the best ways to ensure this is to buy your Halloween candy in bulk. Not only will this keep you stocked up throughout the evening, it will cost you a lot less than you would otherwise spend shopping for last-minute candy at the supermarket.
  2. Make it Sweet – If you want to make the kiddies like you, don’t be that grownup that passes out health bars on Halloween. You may impress the parents, but the kids won’t thank you a bit. After all, to them Halloween is about indulgence in things that their parents don’t let them have very often. Give them what they want and let their parents decide whether they need it.
  3. Include Some Favorites – Always make sure to include a good mix of standard favorites in your candy bowl. At Sweet Services, our bulk candy comes in variety packs that include such favorites as Skittles, Snickers, Milky Ways, Life Savers, and more. With all of those options, kids are bound to find something that they like!
  4. Throw in Some Unique Treats – Many kids get real joy out of looking over their hoards at the end of the night. But they’re not just counting out Twix bars; they’re looking for the stuff that no one else got. By offering kids candy that isn’t one of your major brands, you give them the chance to try something new and have bragging rights. Get the Bloody Bites for some vampire-themed fun or order some Primrose Caramel Apple Kisses for a safe alternative to candy apples.
  5. Let them Take Two – When trying to please the children, more is always better. Let any trick or treaters who show up at your door take at least two treats per person, unless their parents are actually there and say otherwise.
  6. Don’t Forget about Allergies – Make sure that you have some peanut-free candy available for those who have allergies. No one wants to be left out!
  7. Leave Out as Much Candy as You are Willing to Part with – If you are not going to be there on Halloween, but you want to put out a bowl anyway, you are taking a risk. There is always the chance that the first kid there empties the whole bowl into their bag, though most kids will be honest. For your own sake, don’t put out more than you are comfortable risking. Also, leave a note with the bowl asking kids to only take two each. If you want to be funny and/or scare some of the kids into honesty, you could always say that there are cameras watching the bowl and you will know if anyone steals the candy – it might deter some of them.

For those who never feel quite sure how to handle Halloween candy buying, hopefully these tips will help. Always consider the volume of trick or treaters in your area before buying candy so that you don’t under- or over-do it.

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