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Bulk Chocolate

Bulk Chocolate

Save money when you buy candy in bulk.
100 Grand Fun Size Bars ~ 12 - 12.5oz Bags
Andes Creme de Menthe ~ 20lb.
Bulk M&M Peanut Fun Size ~ 23lb. Box
Bulk Palmer Gold Half Dollars ~ 24lbs.
Chewy Caramel $ Milk Chocolate $ Crispy Crunchies
The perfect after-dinner mint!
Just when we thought M&M's couldn't get better.
A creamy solid milk chocolate "Half Dollar"
Price: $52.50
Price: $89.90
Price: $110.50
Price: $167.57
Bulk Palmer Gold Quarters ~ 24lbs.
Butterfinger Mini Bars ~ 25lb
Butterfinger Mini Bars ~ 5lb
Dove Dark Chocolate Promises ~ 12/9.5oz. Bags
Chocolate Gold Quarters.
The big taste of Butterfinger in a bite size bar.
The big taste of Butterfinger in a bite size bar.
For the chocolate lover! Smooth silky scrumptious dark chocolate.
Price: $210.00
Price: $128.90
Price: $26.95
Price: $68.00
Dove Milk Chocolate Caramel Promises ~ 12/9.5oz. Bags
Dove Milk Chocolate Promises ~ 12/9.5oz. Bags
Heath Miniature Bars ~ 12/12oz. Bags
Hershey Assorted Miniatures ~ 25lbs.
A rich silky smooth light chocolate with caramel - simply melts in your mouth!
A rich silky smooth light chocolate - simply melts in your mouth!
A great combo of Toffee & Chocolate!
A bulk mix of Hershey's "all time greats!"
Price: $68.00
Price: $68.00
Price: $57.50
Price: $142.00
Hershey Gold Kisses with Almonds ~ 6lb Bag
Hershey Silver Kisses ~ 25lbs.
Mars Miniature Mix ~ 6-40oz. Bags
Milky Way Miniatures ~ 20lbs.
A kiss with an almond.
Everyone's favorite ~ a chocolate kiss!
A mix of all your Mars favorites!
Milky Way Miniatures
Price: $62.40
Price: $142.00
Price: $87.90
Price: $105.90
Nestle Assorted Miniatures 6 ~ 40oz Bags
Nestle Crunch Mini Bars ~ 25lb
Palmer Assorted Chocolates ~ 24lb.
Palmer Chocolate Baseballs ~ 24lb.
Bulk Bite-Size assortment of your favorite Nestle candy bars.
The big taste of Nestle Crunch in a bite size bar.
Bulk Palmer assorted chocolates mix.
Bulk Palmer Chocolate Baseballs
Price: $81.90
Price: $128.90
Price: $98.50
Price: $85.90
Palmer Chocolate Footballs ~ 24lb.
Palmer Chocolate Sport Balls ~ 24lb.
Palmer Cookies & Creme ~ 24lb.
Palmer Nut Cluster Mix ~ 24lb.
Bulk Palmer Chocolate Footballs
Bulk Palmer Chocolate Sport Ball mix.
Bulk Palmer Cookies and Creme
Palmer Nut Cluster mix.
Price: $85.90
Price: $85.90
Price: $98.50
Price: $103.50