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Bulk Lollipops

Bulk Lollipops

Wholesale candy prices when you buy candy in bulk.
Bulk Charms Mini Pops - 6 - 325 Ct. Bags
Bulk Flag Tootsie Roll Pops ~ 1050 pcs.
Bulk Mini Tootsie Roll Pops
Bulk Saf-T-Pops 8~200ct. Bags
The popular Charms Lollipop in bulk.
Flag Tootsie Pop in bulk.
Bulk Mini-Pops with the Tootsie Roll center.
The Saf-T-Pop lollipop in bulk.
Price: $58.95
Price: $117.90
Price: $98.95
Price: $127.90
Bulk Swirl Saf-T-Pops 12~120ct. Bags
Bulk Tootsie Roll Pops ~ 1050 pcs.
Charms/Dum Dum Combo ~ 2175pcs.
Grape Jolly Pops ~ 18lb
Sweet assorted swirl Saf-t-pop special.
Classic regular-sized Tootsie Pop in bulk.
2 of our best selling Mini-Pops in 1!
Bulk Economical, flat, Grape-flavored Pops.
Price: $111.90
Price: $117.90
Price: $75.90
Price: $43.95
It's a Girl Lollipops ~ 18lb
Lime Jolly Pops ~18lb
Orange Jolly Pops ~ 18lb
Pink Jolly Pops ~ 18lb
Bulk Pink It's a Girl Lollipops.
Bulk Economical, flat, Lime-flavored Pops.
Bulk Economical, flat, Orange-flavored Pops.
Bulk Economical, Pink, Bubble Gum-flavored Pops.
Price: $43.95
Price: $43.95
Price: $43.95
Price: $43.95
Bulk Chupa Chups Lollipops ~ 30lbs.
Bulk Mini Chupa Chups Lollipops ~ 30lbs.
Mini Chupa Chups Lollipops ~ 5lbs.
Bulk Jolly Pops ~ 18lbs.
Bulk Fat-free, Creamy, Fruity Pop.
Bulk Mini Fat-free, Creamy, Fruity Lollipop.
Mini Fat-free, Creamy, Fruity Lollipop.
Economical, flat, assorted flavored Pops.
Price: $88.90
Price: $88.90
Price: $19.95
Price: $43.95
Bulk Lemon Jolly Pops ~ 18lbs.
Bulk Primrose Rainbow Pops ~ 18lbs.
Bulk Primrose Sugar Free Jolly Pops ~ 16lbs.
Bulk Quality Lollipops 25lbs.
Economical, flat, Lemon-flavored Pops.
Bright, rainbow-colored, oval-shaped, fruity Pop!
Economical sugar-free flat Pop in assorted Fruit-Flavors.
Assorted Fruit-flavored classic flat Pops at a great price!
Price: $43.95
Price: $45.90
Price: $63.90
Price: $61.90
Bulk Sugar Free Pediatric Lollipops ~ 16lbs.
Bulk Wild Berry Tootsie Pops 10~100 Ct. Boxes
CeDe Lollies ~ 1000pcs.
Charms Assorted Blow Pops ~ 35lb.
Economical sugar-free flat lollipop.
Bulk Wild Berry Tootsie Pops. 5 great flavors.
"Smarties" sweet/sour flavors in a Lollipop.
Bulk Assorted Fruit-flavored Blow Pop with bubble gum filling.
Price: $63.90
Price: $150.00
Price: $91.95
Price: $83.90