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Bulk Soft Candy

Bulk Soft Candy

Save money when you buy candy in bulk.
BIT-O-HONEY ~ 30lb.
Black Forest Fruit Snacks - 42 Count Box
Black Forest Fruit Snacks - 6 - 42 Count Bags
Brach Fruit Slices ~ 21lb.
Almond bits blended into a Honey-flavored Taffy.
Black Forest Fruit Snacks
Bulk Black Forest Fruit Snacks
Bulk Brach Jelly Fruit Slices.
Price: $87.95
Price: $9.50
Price: $53.90
Price: $91.90
Bulk Chocolate Caramel Square ~ 20lbs.
Bulk Dairy Rich Caramel Square  ~ 20lbs.
Bulk Primrose Asst. Toffee ~ 30lbs.
Bulk Primrose Black Taffy ~ 23lbs.
Bulk Individually wrapped chocolate caramel squares.
Bulk Individually wrapped caramel squares.
Who can resist soft chewy Toffee!
Bulk Licorice-flavored taffy (sometimes called black jacks).
Price: $49.50
Price: $41.90
Price: $85.90
Price: $50.95
Bulk Primrose Fruit Chews ~ 27lb.
Bulk Soft Peppermint Stripes 25lbs.
Bulk Tootsie Roll Assorted Flavors ~ 30lb.
Fun Dip 12 ~ 48 Count Boxes
Fruity chews just bursting with flavor!
A soft Red & White striped peppermint.
Bulk Assorted fruit-flavored Midgee Tootsie Rolls.
Bulk Dip & Lick Powdered Candy Packets.
Price: $61.95
Price: $68.90
Price: $79.90
Price: $88.25
Giant Pixy Sticks ~ 400 Count
Giant Pixy Sticks ~ 8 - 50 Count Boxes
Goetze Caramel Creams "Bullseyes" ~ 30lb.
Pixy Stix ~ 2500 Count
Bulk GIANT 21" Candy filled "Fun Straws"
Bulk GIANT 21" Candy filled "Fun Straws"
Bulk Caramel with a cream center.
Pixy Stix are fruit flavored powdered candy in a straw!
Price: $163.00
Price: $163.00
Price: $64.50
Price: $63.90
Primrose Caramel Apple Kisses ~ 23lbs.
Skittles Fun Size  ~ 22lb.
Sour Patch Kids ~ 1920pcs.
Sour Patch Treat Packs ~ 360pcs.
A great mix of Caramel and Apple flavored soft candy (similar to taffy).
Bulk Fun sized packes of Skittles
4 flavors of Sour, then Sweet - Kids love 'em.
Bulk Sour Patch Treat Packs
Price: $51.25
Price: $85.95
Price: $124.00
Price: $73.95
Starbursts Asst. Fruit Chews ~ 6 - 41oz Bags
Swedish Red Fish Treat Packs ~ 360pcs.
Swedish Red Fish ~ 1920pcs.
Tootsie Roll Strawberry Lemonade Frooties
An all time favorite! Real Fruit Juice! Great Fruit Taste!!!
A Yummy Sea Creature from Sweden!
A Yummy Gummy Red Sea Creature.
Bulk Strawberry Lemonade flavored Tootsie Roll Frootie.
Price: $50.90
Price: $73.95
Price: $124.00
Price from: $6.85