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Gourmet Lollipops

Children everywhere love lollipops, and with the wholesale gourmet lollipop selection at, they aren't treats for just kids any more. Our lineup of gourmet bulk lollipops includes suckers of all sizes, from three-inch USA Whirly Pops to the five-inch Giant Carnival Pops. Available in all colors and on different styles of sticks, gourmet lollipops bring a whole new excitement to the world of candy. See our collection of wholesale and bulk gourmet lollipops below.
Blue Raspberry Wedge Lollipops ~ 36 Count
Daisy Lollipops ~ 12 Count
Flower Shop Pops ~ 24 Count
Green Apple Wedge Pops ~ 36 Count
Blue Raspberry Wedge Lollipops
Bouquet of Daisy Lollipops
Flower Shop Candy Lollipops.
Green Apple Wedge Pops
Price: $11.95
Price: $14.50
Price: $29.95
Price: $11.95
Jelly Belly Lollibean Lollipops ~ 96ct. Box
Paintball Pops ~ 24 Count
Strawberry Wedge Lollipops ~ 36 Count
Swirl Lollipops ~ 24 Count
Jelly Belly Lollibean Lollipops
Giant Jawbreaker Paintball Pops
Strawberry Wedge Lollipops
Assorted 3oz Swirl Pops
Price: $63.90
Price: $36.95
Price: $11.95
Price: $29.95
Tulip Lollipops ~ 12 Count
Watermelon Wedge Lollipops ~ 36 Count
Big Slice Apple Pop 1~48ct. Bag
Big Slice Blue Raspberry Pop  1~48ct. Bag
Tulip Lollipop Bouquet
Watermelon Wedge Lollipops
Apple flavored pops.
Blue Raspberry flavored pops.
Price: $14.50
Price: $11.95
Price: $7.25
Price: $7.25
Big Slice Cherry Pop  1~48ct. Bag
Big Slice Fruit & Cream Pop 1~48ct. Bag
Big Slice Peach Pop  1~48ct. Bag
Big Slice Pineapple Pop 1~48ct. Bag
Cherry flavored pops.
Assorted fruit and cream flavored pops.
Peach flavored pops.
Pineapple flavored pops.
Price: $7.25
Price: $7.25
Price: $7.25
Price: $7.25
Big Slice Strawberry Pop  1~48ct. Bag
Big Slice Watermelon Pop  1~48ct. Bag
Christmas Twirl Pop ~ 36 count
Christmas Unicorn Pop ~ 36 count
Strawberry flavored pops.
Watermelon flavored pops.
Christmas Twirl Pop. 1 oz
Christmas Unicorn Pop. .75 oz
Price: $7.25
Price: $7.25
Price: $19.90
Price: $19.90
Halloween Twirl Pop ~ 36 count
Halloween Unicorn Pop ~ 36 count
Party Balloon Lollipops ~ 12 Count
Halloween Twirl Pop. 1 oz
Halloween Unicorn Pop. .75 oz
Party Balloon Lollipops.
Price: $19.90
Price: $19.90
Price: $29.95