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Novelty Candy

The most popular candies of yesteryear have withstood the test of time. Revisit them, and enjoy yesteryear type prices when you buy in bulk at SweetServices.com. From childhood favorites like Atomic Fire Balls and Jaw Busters, to movie theater classics like Mike & Ikes and Hot Tamales, we have a huge selection of wholesale novelty candies that will take you back in time.
Light Green Rock Candy Sticks.
Make Your Own Gummi Cup Cakes
Marpro Marshmallow "YUM-YUM" candy cones
Marvel Super Heroes Candy Sticks
Price : $10.95
Price : $39.95
Price : $8.99
Price : $7.49
NIK - L -NIP Wax bottle candy.
Now and Later Pineapple.
Now and Later Strawberry.
Now and Later Tropical Lemonade.
Price : $20.95
Price : $8.95
Price : $8.95
Price : $8.95
Now and Later Tropical Punch.
Now and Later Watermelon.
Now and Later Wild Berry.
Assorted Jelly-Filled Marshmallow Oozing Eyeballs
Price : $8.95
Price : $8.95
Price : $8.95
Price : $4.95
Orange Rock Candy Sticks.
Original Rock Candy Sticks.
Giant Jawbreaker Paintball Pops
Palmer assorted mini bars mix.
Price : $10.95
Price : $10.95
Price : $38.95
Palmer Chocolate Sport Ball mix.
Palmer Nut Cluster mix.
Palmer peppermint patties.
Pearson's Original Mint Patties
240ct Tub
25lb Bulk
Holiday Peppermint Flavored Candy Shot Glasses
Pink Rock Candy Sticks
4" Jack-O-Lantern Lollipops
Purple Rock Candy Sticks.
Price : $16.95
Price : $10.95
Price : $14.95
Price : $10.95