School’s in Session!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Services is once again having its annual September Back to School Sale! Stock up on Swirl Saf-t-Pops, Plain Saf-t-Pops, Sweetart Twists & the popular Albert’s Fruit Chews. The Sweetart Twists are back by popular demand! – 13 Tangy fruit-flavored candies in a roll. Consider Sweet Services for all those school Fundraisers & Parties – Purchase … Continue Reading »

CANDY CORN – Synonymous with Halloween!

Did you know that October 30th is National Candy Corn Day?! Candy Corn, first produced in the 1880’s, is one of the most popular Halloween party treats. 75% of its annual production is for the Halloween holiday. More than 35 million pounds of Candy Corn will be produced this year. That’s nearly 9 billion pieces; enough … Continue Reading »


I’m sure most of us are looking forward to the next 3-day Holiday Weekend!  What is now celebrated with picnics, barbeques & sleeping in on Monday, began on June 28, 1894 as a celebration of all hard working laborers & the fight for fair wages & employee rights that we are fortunate to enjoy today. … Continue Reading »

2010 Candy Expo!

The largest in the nation, the May 2010 SWEETS & SNACKS EXPO, turned Chicago into a “Candyland”! As we perused the aisles, it was apparent that candy consumers are no longer just the Baby Boomers. It seems the “Tweens” (pre-teen) are not only beginning to shape the candy industry’s future, they are affecting the present. … Continue Reading »


One of our TOP SELLING hard candies deserves honorable mention! Its birth is quite interesting! Mints were square and imported from Europe. In 1912 Clarence Crane, a chocolate maker, wanted to boost his summer sales; he needed to design a candy that would sustain the summer heat. He found a pharmaceutical pill making tool that … Continue Reading »

A Candy Buffet ~ the Latest in Wedding Trends!

Cookie-cutter weddings are no more! From the conventional themes, destinations, colors, apparel, cake décor ~ weddings have taken on a new flair! A popular & unique way to add fun & color to your wedding is a Candy buffet ~ a definite crowd-pleaser! A candy buffet is an added expense; however there are ways to … Continue Reading »


Nostalgic, Retro & Gourmet candies are back by popular demand! You recall the great candy you ate as a kid ~ Mary Janes, Slo Poke, Gobstoppers, Bit-o-Honey, Bottle Caps, Pixy Sticks, Atomic Fireballs, Candy Lipsticks! Maybe your favorites were Neccos, Red Hots, Laffy Taffy, or those Old Fashioned Candy Sticks dipped in chocolate … just to … Continue Reading »