2010 Candy Expo!

The largest in the nation, the May 2010 SWEETS & SNACKS EXPO, turned Chicago into a “Candyland”! As we perused the aisles, it was apparent that candy consumers are no longer just the Baby Boomers. It seems the “Tweens” (pre-teen) are not only beginning to shape the candy industry’s future, they are affecting the present. They’re lovin’ the outrageous Novelty Candies and manufacturers are tuning in.

Nostalgic & Retro Candies are making a comeback! You recall Mary Janes & Satellite Wafers, or maybe Circus Peanuts & those cool Necco Candy Buttons that you had to eat off the strip of paper! Focus is also being placed on single colored candies for the newest Wedding craze ~ Candy Buffets! Our individual colors can be viewed on our website by clicking on the “color” link at the top.

Our nation has become more health conscious & that is definitely becoming a very important factor in the invention of new Sweet Treats for the consumer.

This was definitely the largest, best attended 14th annual Candy Expo & we came back with great new products. Visit us often for the latest additions to our candy line. Novelty! Retro! Gourmet! Nostalgic!… it’s never ending.

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