Nostalgic, Retro & Gourmet candies are back by popular demand! You recall the great candy you ate as a kid ~ Mary Janes, Slo Poke, GobstoppersBit-o-Honey, Bottle Caps, Pixy Sticks, Atomic Fireballs, Candy Lipsticks! Maybe your favorites were Neccos, Red Hots, Laffy Taffy, or those Old Fashioned Candy Sticks dipped in chocolate … just to name a few. Gourmet Lollipops ~ Twinkle Pops, Linda’s Lollies, Unicorn Pops, & Whirly Pops are not only a “gourmet” treat but are making their way into edible party displays.

We now offer an assortment that the nostalgic candy lover will go crazy for. Our “Nostalgic Memories Assortments include many of your favorites all in one 2-pound box! If you have a favorite that we haven’t thought of, just let us know! And of course, all of our candies are available in various bulk sizes that save you $$$$$! 

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