I’m sure most of us are looking forward to the next 3-day Holiday Weekend!  What is now celebrated with picnics, barbeques & sleeping in on Monday, began on June 28, 1894 as a celebration of all hard working laborers & the fight for fair wages & employee rights that we are fortunate to enjoy today.

Businesses can recognize the holiday by treating their customers to a festive treat by choosing from our several flag wrapped sweets such as Buttermints & Tootsie Rolls Midgees or our individually wrapped red, white & blue striped mints.

Many folks are planning to celebrate with a holiday party. Whether it be a backyard barbeque, a weekend camping trip, or that last trip to the beach, make your party a memorable one! Festive Décor is always a must ~ Red, White & Blue Centerpieces are easily made using small (or large) tin pails & choose from a number of Red & Blue candies listed in our “colors” section of our website. Remember to include some Twinkle & Unicorn Pops. They both come in an assortment of colors but most definitely red & blue!  Make one large centerpiece & smaller “party favors” for your guests. If you will be the “attendee”, it would be nice to surprise your host/hostess with a USA themed treat basket.

Plan a party game or two around the Labor Day Theme. Trivia games are always a hit. Have everyone wear a funny Labor Day Weekend hat – The funniest hat wins!  Have party gifts for the game winners which could be a Red, White & Blue Whirly Pop with a big patriotic bow tied around it or candy filled Goodie Bags. The ideas are endless. However you celebrate, enjoy the long weekend! Relax & enjoy the last days of summer!

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