One of our TOP SELLING hard candies deserves honorable mention! Its birth is quite interesting! Mints were square and imported from Europe. In 1912 Clarence Crane, a chocolate maker, wanted to boost his summer sales; he needed to design a candy that would sustain the summer heat. He found a pharmaceutical pill making tool that could cut the mints into a circular shape and he then punched a hole in the center to add the “life preserver” touch – The first “Crane’s Peppermint Life Saver” was made! Crane sold the rights of his “Life Saver” candy to Edward Noble in 1913 for only $2,900. In 2004 Lifesaver was a subsidiary of Kraft (Best Foods) before being purchased by the Wrigley Company headquartered in Chicago. Wrigley has operations in more than 40 countries and distributes its world-famous brands in more than 180 countries. What makes the Lifesaver so popular? Is it the shape? Is it because it’s only 10 calories per piece? Maybe it’s the 24 different Lifesaver flavors that are available. Whatever the reason, we are able to supply you with any of your favorite Lifesavers, including Lifesaver Lollipops. And of course as one of America’s number one Wholesalers, our products are available in bulk quantities – at considerable savings to you! Why do YOU like Lifesavers?

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