What do all of these have in common ~ “1940” ~ “Victor Bonomo” ~ “Coney Island” ~ “Corn Syrup and Egg Whites”? You guessed it ~ BONOMO TURKISH TAFFY! After 30 years IT’S BACK …as popular as ever!

All of you who remember eating this heavenly taffy also remember eating this candy was a ritual. First you’d check to make sure it wasn’t too soft – it had to be hard. The next step was to lift the candy bar & smash it on any hard surface, most likely the pavement outside the candy store. You then proceeded to open the wrapper to see the dozens of pieces it had broken into. It won’t take long for the kids of today to catch on!

You can’t go to YouTube, Facebook or the Internet for that matter, without seeing a video of the original commercial from the 40’s. People are clamoring to find where to get it.  Well, look no further – you can get Bonomo Turkish Taffy right HERE!

This kosher certified, taffy-type candy is actually a nougat containing corn syrup and egg whites. It’s not really Turkish nor was it a family recipe but the name chosen reflected a clever marketing plan. Either way, it’s still a great blast from the past and most likely a favorite for another 40 years!

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