At Sweet Services we realize that candy is a great way to promote your Company! We offer creamy Hospitality ButterMints in solid white wrappers that can be customized to suit your companies’ needs. Up to 3 colors are available for your company logo and/or information. These can also be personalized for Weddings, Special Birthdays or Anniversaries. Another popular promotional favorite is the Gold Wrapped Chocolate Coins. They can be imprinted with the many standard dyes we have available or customized dyes can be created specifically for you.  If you are interested in our promotional items, lead times do vary depending on quantity and complexity of the order. However, all you have to do is give us a call at 800.322.6391 or contact us through our website and we will happy to assist you.  It’s always nice to thank your customers for their patronage. We have several “thank you” items readily available for purchase. The Hospitality Buttermint in a Thank You wrapper is perfect for any business; Money wrapped Buttermints are popular with financial institutions. A few more “thank you” items include; Chocolate Gourmet Mints and Blue Ice Crystals. We also carry gold wrapped quarters and half dollars, both suitable for many events.

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