So What’s Up with M&M’s?

As some of us know, Mars manufactures M&M Candies – that smooth milk chocolate, covered in an assortment of colorful hard candy shells. The slogan came later. What you may not know is how & where the idea of M&M’s originated.

In the 1930’s during the Spanish Civil War Mr. Forrest Mars Sr. saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets surrounded by a hard shell as to prevent them from melting. In 1941 Mars took this ingenious idea & patented his own version.

 During World War II M&Ms were sold exclusively to the military. In 1954 the slogan, fitting well with the original purpose of the candy, written by Elizabeth Mckean was trademarked as well; “The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

In terms of the name of the candy, one “M” comes from Mr. Forrest Mars Sr., the founder of the Mars Company, and one comes from Mr. Bruce Murrie, the son of Mr. William Murrie, former Hershey’s president. Murrie had 20% interest in the candy, which made it possible for Mars to make the M&Ms with Hershey’s chocolate, a bit ironic, eh?

Then there’s also the M&M Peanut that have a bit more substance. You can munch on both the chocolate & peanut together or you can melt the chocolate away & chew on the peanut.M&Ms now come in almost every color you can imagine; however brown, green, yellow, orange, red, and blue are most common.

Other interesting facts; The “M’ on the front of the M&M were printed in black up until 1954 and M&M’s have been up in space to demonstrate anti-gravity. Whether you are eating them in space or here on Earth, this classic candy won’t disappoint.

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