Wondering what to do with all that Halloween candy? Why not donate all those sweets to our men & women overseas. Many dentists are buying the candy from their patients for $1.00 per pound & donating it to Operation Gratitude. Brighten up the day of one of our heroes by including a card. For those less fortunate, you may consider making little candy gift bags & donating them to a retirement home or homeless shelter.

The kids won’t mind giving up some of their stash when they try these easy, fun scientific experiments like “making Lifesavers flash in the dark” or watching the letters magically float off the M&M’s or Skittles – These fun projects can be found at:

If you really MUST eat all your candy, there are a few ways to mix up the delivery. Try blending a chocolate bar with milk for a quick milkshake. Add ice cream for a chocolate smoothie.

Make yummy edible Stained Glass Cookies with those left over Lifesavers & Jolly Ranchers. Try out the delicious candy Coated Caramel Apples by visiting DELISH.COM.

Or JUST FREEZE IT! Candy will survive for 12 months in the freezer – just in case you need a quick sugar fix!

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