Let’s Talk Turkey…

Thanksgiving is by far one of the best Holidays for families to reunite. It was always a favorite with our family. Since the family has grown so large with kids, grandkids, great-grandkids & in-laws and many moved out-of-state, it became harder for all of us to get together. Finally, three years ago we all decided to celebrate our “family” Thanksgiving the second Saturday in November. Each year it’s someone else’s turn to host the special feast …wherever that may be! We all choose a favorite recipe to bring and of course I’m in charge of the candy treats! This year I surprised everyone with a few of the nostalgic “favs”. Gram still enjoyed the Mary Janes even though she shouldn’t be eating them with her dentures. The Slo Pokes, Bonomo Taffy and the Bit-o-Honey were big hits! Then a bit of a problem arose with the Neccos – Mom didn’t want to share!…especially the chocolate ones. I knew Sis would remember the Candy Buttons that we used to love as kids! The Unicorn & Whirly Pops the kids went crazy over! Oh, and of course, I didn’t forget Grandpa & his Licorice! We all have a year to plan ahead and to make travel plans, if need be and early in the month the weather is usually a bit more cooperative as well. It’s not Thanksgiving without FOOTBALL! Luckily there’s games on all day! But no matter what, we all have managed to be together for Thanksgiving once again… even if it is on a different date! Now everyone can still celebrate and enjoy Thanksgiving with in-laws, friends and neighbors! Two Thanksgivings…it doesn’t get any better!

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