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Shed those Holiday pounds!

Most of us did over indulge during the Holidays and that’s expected.  But now’s a good time to kick start a New Year’s resolution. One of the most common resolutions is to get back in shape & start eating healthy. …[more]

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Winter weather… ugh

Along with joyful holiday celebrations comes the unfortunate winter weather. I don’t envy the poor folks stranded on the East Coast by a blizzard that dumped up to 29 inches of snow or the Californians hard hit by those heavy …[more]

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Shoppin’ til you drop?

The holidays can be hectic. Shopping is always fun! However, running from store to store, carrying all those packages can tire you out. Keep a chocolate bar or two or even a few lollipops in your purse for an instant …[more]

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Bit of Trivia ~ The Caveman was really the First!

The Caveman was the first to sample candy by eating the honey from bee hives… what a Geico commercial that would make. History actually traces candy back 3,500 years to the Egyptians who along with the Chinese would mix honey …[more]

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Decorate with Candy!

Well, Black Friday & Cyber Monday have come and gone! Now the holiday decorating begins. Some of us are trying to tastefully decorate without spending too much money since most of the budget was spent on Black Friday & Cyber …[more]

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