Winter weather… ugh

Along with joyful holiday celebrations comes the unfortunate winter weather. I don’t envy the poor folks stranded on the East Coast by a blizzard that dumped up to 29 inches of snow or the Californians hard hit by those heavy rains, mud slides & flooding.  But actually, here in the Midwest we may not be inundated with heavy snow or flooding rains, but the below freezing temperatures keep one from wanting to brave the outdoors. If you’re not into winter sports, the next best thing is reading those books you’ve been meaning to get to.  Watching the latest movies under a down comforter along with a bowl of popcorn & a hot cocoa (with peppermint stick) is one of my favorites.  Since board games are starting to become a thing of the past, a Family Wii Night is always fun… So many games, so little time – in just six more months’ summer will be back!!!

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