Coconut M&M’s !!!!!

Recently – (I know I’m a bit behind the times) – I was happily surprised that Mars had done it again! Just when we thought M&M’s couldn’t get any better – along came coconut! These tropical candies in green, white & brown are yummy! You know, in some cultures, coconuts are used to ward away … Continue Reading »

Something “unique” for your Valentine!

Everyone knows that “Conversation” Candy Hearts are huge around Valentine’s Day & Chocolates are the popular gift to go with a bouquet of flowers – but why not try something different! We customize boxes of “Retro Candies” that have become extremely popular. You can bring back memories of the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s with our specialty 2-pound boxes of … Continue Reading »

Peanut Allergies? – Not to Fear!

Peanuts are among the most common allergy-causing foods and unfortunately a growing number of children and adults are allergic to nuts and peanuts. Many candies are produced in factory’s that also process peanuts. Valentine’s Day, the next big “candy” holiday, isn’t far off. Good News however, for those with peanut allergies! There is plenty of … Continue Reading »