Something “unique” for your Valentine!

Everyone knows that “Conversation” Candy Hearts are huge around Valentine’s Day & Chocolates are the popular gift to go with a bouquet of flowers – but why not try something different! We customize boxes of “Retro Candies” that have become extremely popular. You can bring back memories of the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s with our specialty 2-pound boxes of nostalgic favorites . Just to mention a few candies that are included… Bonomo Taffy, Candy Buttons, Candy CigarettesSlo Pokes, Necco’s, Fun Dip & Mary Janes!  You can choose either a red or white box gift box & a personalized gift card. For those die hard chocoholics we do have the 2 pound gift boxes that include Dove, Ghiradelli, & Lindt. You can choose the color of the gift box and greeting card as well. Surprise your Valentine with something different… Happy Heart Day!

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