Send a Holiday E-Card

We all like to keep in touch with friends and family around the holidays and Easter is no exception. The quickest, most economical way of sending an Easter wish would be via email, of course. With everyones busy schedules and the high cost of cards and postage “123 Greetings” offers a great selection of not only Easter cards … Continue Reading »

April 22nd ~ National Jelly Bean Day!!!

It’s no wonder Jelly Bean’s got their own Day!… Over 16 billion jelly beans are made for Easter (enough to completely fill an 89 foot high x 60 foot wide plastic Easter Egg – about the height of a nine-story building! I never knew the largest jar of jelly beans weighed 6,050 pounds or that … Continue Reading »

Easter ~ The “Multiple Holiday”

Both “Easters” will share the same date this year! Easter is not only a “movable holiday but a multiple one. In most years Easter is celebrated on different dates … Christian Churches & Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate this holiday on different dates. However, this year the two celebrations will both occur on April 24th. There … Continue Reading »

Holiday crafts for the kids!

Spring Break! Easter! … The Holidays seem never ending! Moms know this means the kids will be off from school.  When the weather doesn’t cooperate the kids wind up spending some of that time in the house and boredom can set in. But it can be a fun time! Video games are fine; however it’s … Continue Reading »