Easter ~ The “Multiple Holiday”

Both “Easters” will share the same date this year! Easter is not only a “movable holiday but a multiple one. In most years Easter is celebrated on different dates … Christian Churches & Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate this holiday on different dates. However, this year the two celebrations will both occur on April 24th. There is a formula to determine the dates;  the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox is the same for both Western & Orthodox Easters, however Western churches base this on the Gregorian calendar and the Orthodox churches uss the older Julian calendar. That much is straighforward but there are other facts that are taken into consideration as well. Easter may be celebrated on different dates; however the celebrations are basically the same… along with the religious aspects they also involve the Bunnies & Baskets filled with goodies;  Chocolates, Jelly Beans, Easter Eggs & Bunnies! Let Sweet Services help in filling those baskets economically!  All of us wish you a Happy Easter!!

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