Holiday crafts for the kids!

Spring Break! Easter! … The Holidays seem never ending! Moms know this means the kids will be off from school.  When the weather doesn’t cooperate the kids wind up spending some of that time in the house and boredom can set in. But it can be a fun time! Video games are fine; however it’s nice to get the kids in touch with their creative side once in awhile. has a really great website with an array of different “easy” craft projects for Easter that can involve the whole family… or just the kids. Egg coloring doesn’t have to be the only project… there are yummy treats to make or many cute items to make for decorating or as gifts for family members. Once the kids get into it, they’ll realize how much fun it is to give, not just to receive. Some of the projects include lollipops, jelly beans and chocolate foil wrapped eggs. All of which Sweet Services will be happy to supply. Moms or Dads will also find tasty lunch & dinner recipes to try. Check it out for a little change of pace.

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