Candy Isn’t Junk Food!

Studies suggest that it’s “junk food”, not CANDY that contributes to obesity. Well, I know I was thrilled to hear this! Those with a sweet tooth no longer have to feel guilty about admitting it. It seems people who eat about an ounce of candy (including CHOCOLATE) a day tend to have smaller waists, weigh less and have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who don’t. In addition, candy and chocolate consumers had a 14% lower risk of elevated blood pressure and a 15% decreased risk of metabolic syndrome putting people at risk for heart disease and stroke.

Of course these studies suggest that candy along with “junk food” is not associated with obesity or disease if they are consumed in moderation. It’s recommended that people get no more that 10% of their daily calories from junk food – In other words use “common sense”. What would we do without these scientific studies! We all know fast food, chips, soda, bakery cause weight gain but not if consumed in moderation.

So, have your candy and eat it too!… without feeling guilty.

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