How ’bout Those Hats!!

The Royal Wedding, The Kentucky Derby -very important events, but how ‘bout those HATS!!! Big hats, small hats, hats with horse heads and the list goes on. Seems like hats may be making a comeback and they certainly do make a statement! I think it would be great if they did become a popular accessory, however some of those we saw were a “bit over the top”… no pun intended. I’m not sure if the sole purpose of wearing a hat measuring almost 3 feet in diameter is to be noticed or unnoticed. They appear more like tents than hats. Some were very tasteful and attractive but I wasn’t too fond of the one made of inflated balloons. But I guess “to each his own”. If you’d like to view some of these head-turning hats click on the following link:

Another thing I did notice, watching the Pre-Derby show, was that the horses were getting treats and they were the exact ones many of our customers order from Sweet Services and those are the red and white striped Peppermint Starlights. However, I was told that they have to be the regular ones – NOT sugar free! The horses Love ‘em!

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