Discontiuned… what??

We all think we’re alone, but everyone of us has experienced this. It seems every time we love a product after awhile, POOF!… It’s gone!!! Worse part is the manufacturer can’t give you a good solid reason. You’re just told that something has replaced it and it’s even better. Well, no, it’s not better, it’s nothing like it. Some of us think since we love it, we have cursed it and now, for sure, it will be discontinued. Many of our customers loved the Lifesaver Lollipops, all the Lifesaver Crème Savers (except for Strawberry), and the tiny rolls of the 5 assorted Lifesavers… but POOF! They’re gone! Why, oh why? It’s gotta be a marketing strategy. These were all yummy, but we promise you that we do have other items that are just as good, if not better. So don’t give up, we’re sure you will be able to find something at Sweet Services that will make you forget about all those “favorites”.

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