Lollipops that fight tooth decay!!!!!

It sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. Dr. John’s Sugar Free lollipops use a licorice-root extract that targets and is believed to kill the bacteria primarily responsible for tooth decay. Once word got out, the Doctor’s and Dentist’s offices we service were very excited about this product. Sales have doubled! The lollipops aren’t the only item from Dr. John’s Sugar-Free product line that holds potential health benefits. Dr. John’s Sugar-Free fruit-flavored assorted Hard Candies, assorted-flavored Taffy, Nougats and Creamsicle Pops contain the natural sweetener Xylitol. Xylitol, also a proven cavity fighter, appeals to those with Diabetes or other health related issues. Since this “natural sweetener” doesn’t cause the stomach upset that other sweeteners do, Dr. John’s assorted candies are very popular for those who prefer sugar free candy.

First introduced in 2008 on “Good Morning America”, inquiries began flooding in from retailers, distributors and doctors wanting more verification that what Dr. John claimed, was actually fact. The research results conducted by the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry and the School of Dentistry and Dental Research Institute at UCLA proved a significant reduction in oral bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

Now with scientific validation – Something Dr. John Bruinsma always knew… His herbal lollipops really DO fight tooth decay.

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