A New Sugar Free Swirl Pop!

If your kids are anything like mine, they go to the Doctor with the expectation of getting a “sweet treat” after their visit. Their eyes are on that candy jar the entire time they’re waiting their turn… who knows what would happen if the jar was empty!

We at Sweet Services provide many of those doctors and dentists offices with those very important treats. We have recently begun carrying a new Sugar Free Swirl Lollipop. It is available in either a 16lb case of 1280 pops for $58.71 (only 4.5 cents ea.) or for those who don’t need quite that many we have 160 pops available for $8.08 (only 5 cents each). These are great snack for the kids on those long car rides!

This very economical sugar free fruit-flavored swirl pop is sweetened with aspartame, individual wrapped and packaged in bulk. Visit us at southwestcandy.com for many other candies appropriate to show your client appreciation.

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