Top 10 States that spend the most at candy shops…

With Halloween just around the corner, we were curious as to which States have the biggest sweet tooth.  We began our research looking for the 10 top contenders… iterestingly enough Nevada came out on top. Hawaii came in 2nd followed by Utah, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, Washington and New York.

Of course, some people have bigger sweet tooths than others, so of course we had to search for those who spend the least on candy. The bottom 10 states were South Dakota, Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Also, according to the National Retail Federation, people getting into this year’s Halloween activities plan to spend an average of $21.05 on candy. 

I must save, I have to wonder how this data is compiled. These stats just don’t seem to jive with ours. A good percentage of our customers here at Sweet Services are those living in those states listed in the bottom 10, especially Texas! And Nevada being #1… maybe because of the Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop in Harrah’s or Vosges Chocolate in Caesars Palace, but do people in Vegas really spend their money on “Candy” of all things. I think not… what do you think?

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