“Buddy Luv Dog Treats”

Even our Canine Buddy’s need a treat once in awhile! Our “Buddy Luv” treats are awesome! They look just like chocolate chip cookies; taste like them too – but are safe for your pooch. They are made with Carob Chips that resemble chocolate chips. They contain all dog safe ingredients that you would find in “people” food and dogs Love ‘em! I have a medium size dog and a tiny pup… the Cocker Spaniel just scarfs them up while my prissy princess Maltese has to have them broken into 4 pieces to make it easier for her to eat (she’s really tiny). I can always expect them to be waiting at the door for me to come home and sure enough they’re staring up at the bucket of Buddy “Luv” treats just waiting for me to pop open the lid. If you haven’t had a chance to try them, you really have to. They are not only good tasting and good for your pooch, they also come in a handy 22 oz. plastic bucket with an easy carry handle and tight fitting lid. so they stay fresh until they’re gone… which won’t take very long. We also have the small and medium size dog bones that have been so popular with the financial institutions we service, but you really must give these new treats a try!

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