Did you know…

Just a bit of Valentine Trivia!  Candy… Cards… Flowers…

It all began way back during the Roman Empire. February 14th was a holiday honoring Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods & Goddesses. She was also known as the Goddess of women & marriage… So they say.

In 1868, Richard Cadbury introduced the first Valentine’s Day box of candy when he decorated a candy box with a painting of his daughter & her kitten. Now of course, we buy pre-made… maybe it would be nice to go back in time & try something a bit more personal.

Oh, and those popular “Conversation Hearts” – a must for Valentines. They were actually manufactured by Necco back in 1866 & originally called “Motto Hearts”. 8 billion of these little candies are sold between January 1st  & February 14th!!!

Valentine’s Day is definitely the largest Hallmark occasion with approx. 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards exchanged every year. The majority of the 1 billion are given to teachers, followed by children, mothers, wives and THEN Sweethearts – what’s up with that!

Hallmark offers over 1330 different cards specifically for Valentine’s Day… 25% of which are humorous.  Romantic cards are still the best-sellers!

Roses!!!… 110 million roses will be delivered within a three-day time period ~ 15% of US women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day, hmmm…..

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sweet Services!


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