Planning a Wedding?

A Candy Buffet is a unique way to add fun & color to any wedding – and an all-time crowd pleaser! These can get a bit pricey; however there are ways to keep the cost down. Of course the obvious is to choose less expensive candies and definitely buy in BULK! Candy buffets can be confined to just 5 types of candies. We offer our candies in economical bulk sizes. Also, check out our “Color” category to help match your wedding theme and colors. Popular items are colorful Candy Beads, Hershey KissesM&M’s, Gold Wrapped Chocolate Coins, and recently Nostalgic Retro Candy has become a favorite. You may want to consider including some “sugar free” choices as well. Display is the key. Be creative! Use unusual items as containers, preferably clear glass. The table can be decorated with candles, table runners, flowers and pictures to fill the table. Setting the candy containers at different levels adds style. There’s no right or wrong way to prepare your buffet… just be creative and have FUN!

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