Well, for all you candy lovers out there that can’t have sugar in their diet – Sweet Services offers a generous selection of Sugar Free treats at reasonable wholesale prices. The candy may not have the sugar, but it has the sweet taste we all love! Of course, at the top of the list, is the … Continue Reading »


Summer… a time for Reunions, BBQ’s, Picnics, Pool Parties or a simple Family Get-Together.  Make your party special, festive and fun! Whirly Pops are perfect for fun, edible centerpieces to add to the decor.  Pair them with swirly Unicorn Pops, add some bows or streamers and there you have it… a quick and simple decoration … Continue Reading »

It’s Parade Season!!!!

Memorial Day… 4th of July… means parades everywhere! The Marching Bands, the Floats, the Balloons, the Costumes – Everyone enjoys parades… it’s a fun way to celebrate! On-lookers appreciate the candy that those parade participants seem to have readily available for the crowd. Don’t forget to place your order soon for your Parade goodies so … Continue Reading »