Summertime and traveling with children!

Summertime is a popular travel time and if you’re traveling with kids, snacks can be a valuable resource. Of course you want to bring along things such as dried fruit, cereals and fruit juices, however don’t forget the candy! Yes, I said “candy”.

It may sound silly, but using snacks as bribes is an easy way to keep even the most unruly kids under control. Even “Forbidden” snacks such as candy can prove to be a great reward for good behavior. Promise the kids a treat pack of M&Ms, if they sit quietly whether it be in the car, train or plane. We all know how airplane flights can irritate the ears of both children as well as adults…having lollipops on hand for the kids to suck on will help regulate their ears during the course of the flight especially during take-off and landing. Bring along some Charms Mini Pops, Dum Dum Mini Pops or even Tootsie Roll Pops… kids can’t wait to get to that tootsie roll center! Children don’t understand to regulate the ears by just swallowing so bring along some StarburstsNow and Laters, Black Forest Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms . For a bit of Vitamin C and real fruit juice you can try the juicy filled Black Forest Fruit Snacks that are just like the Gummies. They take a long time to chew and promote a lot of saliva which will keep the child swallowing.

Just a few travel tips! We’d love to hear any other tips that you may have!

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