“All Sorts” of Licorice & Its Health Benefits

So many of our customers love black licorice and purchase in wholesale bulk quantities; however, I wonder how many know that it’s not only yummy but it also has some health benefits. The liquorice-root extract in licorice contains the natural sweetener “glycyrrhizin”, which is over 50 times sweeter than sucrose. This ingredient has various pharmaceutical properties, the most important being that it acts as an expectorant (facilitating the removal of mucus from the lungs by coughing). Glycyrrhizin also increases blood pressure. This effect can become significant with a daily consumption of 50 grams or more of licorice for as little as two weeks. Licorice is also a mild laxative and has several varied uses in herbal medicine. Licorice also has thirst quenching qualities; in fact Alexander the Great supplied his troops with rations of liquorice root while they were marching.

Also popular is red licorice such as Twizzlers by Hershey, Gustof’s Rainbow or Strawberry Laces by Gerrit J. Verburg Company. However, the red licorice made to resemble licorice, is made with strawberry, cherry or raspberry flavorings rather than licorice root extract.

Whether  your favorite is Dutchies or Finnska’s Soft Licorice (only 128 calories per 7 pieces), the colorful “Gustof’s All Sorts” licorice pieces or if you need “Sugar Free” Licorice, Sweet Services can supply you with the quantity you need at wholesale prices, whether it be bulk or just a couple of pounds.

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