Back to School!!!

It’s a Bitter Sweet time of year! Summer seems to fly by and once again the little ones are off to school. Kids always love a surprise treat from Mom or Dad when they open their school Lunch. It may surprise some, however Candy can be a “good” snack for kids.., in moderation of course!

Consider our Mars Fun Size Mix that features Original Starburst, Tropical Starburst & Skittles all in convenient treat packs. These can be purchased in 4 pound bags which mean you’ll always have treats on hand and buying in bulk is always cost effective. Any of these favorite treat packs are approximately 160 calories but include 40 grams of Carbs to supply your child with that much needed afternoon energy.  Red Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Treat Packs are a lunch box favorite, and can also be purchased in bulk. If you’re looking for something with 40% Real Fruit Juice, 100% Vitamin C, only 80 calories & 18 grams of Carbs, our Black Forest Fruit Snack Packs with juicy filled centers are a great choice!

Consider Sweet Services for all those school Fundraisers & Parties – Purchase in bulk and all the money you save can be donated to that important cause. At these discounted prices you can afford to make & sell goodie bags filled with kids favorites like Laffy Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, Gobstoppers, Razzles, Pixy Stix, Sixlets and the list goes on… Sweet Services is your one stop “Sweet” Shop

Click here for some unique Fundraising ideas – let us know what your ideas are – we’d love to hear from you!

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