Thinking Party…Think Piñata!

Piñatas aren’t just for kids Birthday Parties ~ they’re a real hit (literally) for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Staff Functions, Business Openings, Weddings, 21st, 40th & even 50th B-Days … the list is endless.

So many people are being budget conscious these days, you may have thought about making your own “customized” piñata. The ideas are endless. There’s a great site at that will walk you through the entire process of making your own piñata. It’s messy, but sounds like a lot of fun!

Thinking Piñata … Think Candy! Since the candy WILL end up on the floor you will definitely want to fill your piñata with individually wrapped candies.  Our customers seem to prefer our Gala Mix which is an assortment of fruit-flavored and mint hard candies along with Butterscotch, Root Beer, Cinnamon & Starlight Mints – an inexpensive filler at only $10.95 for a 5 pounds. A 3 pound, 275 piece Tub of Original Bazooka Bubble Gum is only $11.95 or another good buy is our Dubble Bubble Twists Bubble Gum at $8.90 for 3 pounds. Alberts Fruit Chews, Miniature Tootsie Rollsor Assorted Tootsie Roll Frooties are kids’ favorites & won’t “break the bank”. If you want to splurge a bit on a few special items, check out our individual Holiday categories or our Novelty & Retro candies that the kids will really like! If your piñata isn’t going to be too big, we offer all of our items in smaller quantities but still at big savings. A Party Piñata will be the highlight of any occasion!

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