Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Celebrate one of the biggest Candy Days of the year! Show your customers and clients, spouses, children, classmates, teachers, friends and family just how much you love them! We at Sweet Services offer a wide variety of Valentine favorities to make that day special. Everyone loves Chocolate… Hershey Cupid Assortment, Reeses Valentine Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Hearts wrapped in holiday foil, and of course Valentine KISSES!!! For those on a bit of a budget, we offer Palmer Chocolate Heartoons… yummy chocolate hearts wrapped in festive foil that your clients will love.  And what would Valentines be without a “sweet conversation“? Available in 1oz. boxes, we offer the Necco Conversation Sweethearts at only $.45 per box. Too many choices, can’t decide? We’re always here to help! Place your order soon…Love is in the air!!!!

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